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The transfiguration of the commonplace, or Dantoian implicature made  basic.
Gricean and Griceian
Dantoan and Dantoian
-- and Dantoiana -- or Dantoana
Danto thought that there were 'basic actions' -- e.g. 'raising my  hand'.
An online essay equivocates, and notes that Danto was possibly wrong --  
while Aristotle was possibly right: there are no basic actions.
Must There Be Basic Action? - DASH - Harvard University
by D Lavin - ‎2012 - ‎Cited by 3 - ‎Related articles
Arthur Danto gave  early expression to this way of thinking about the 
structure ... there must be  basic action, it must regard our relation to the 
progress of our own ...
The NYT obituary (I think) mentions that Danto was a pretty traditional  
analytic philosopher till he saw the Brillo box by Warhol --.
The Wikipedia article has a column which includes: Danto: influenced by...  
Merleau Ponty, influenced this and that philosopher. There is also a list 
of his  'main ideas': not just 'basic action' (which I love) -- and it fails 
to mention  narratology -- but it mentions 'indiscernibles'. So what we 
perhaps should need  is a list of his publications, and a rather complete one.
The Nation is featuring an interesting essay on "remembering Danto" -- or  
Danto remembered.

In a message dated 10/28/2013 11:08:10 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
rpaul@xxxxxxxx quotes from M. Spark as quoted by A. C. Danto -- 'the  
transfiguration of the commonplace'.

"I invented the title  because
I felt it was a description of creative art as
I myself practice  it" (Spark's Letter to Danto, 23 November, 1973).
Danto: "It
is also a description of creative art as practiced  by
I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote "Dantoniana" --. The proper  
adjective seems to be
Dantoan, or Dantoian, -- and hence the neuter plural (things related to  
Danto) being as per subject header now.
(a) for Dantoian

Interpretation and Artistic Identity - Missouri State University
"Arthur Danto believes that artworks are constituted by their  
interpretations; that ..... I think that a natural answer suggests itself, one  
that is 
within the Dantoian..."
"... including Monroe Beardsley, Richard Wollheim, Arthur Danto, and more  
recently, .... nothing of philosophy and certainly nothing of Dantoian  “
Evangelicals and the Arts in Fiction - Page 15 - Google Books Result
John Weaver - 2013 - ‎Literary Criticism
Perhaps the best answer comes  from Arthur Danto's school of artistic 
criticism, ... Iohn Carey, however,  points out the essential problem with the 
Dantoian school ...

Aesthetics Today: A Super-quick History of Western Aesthetics but  ...
Sep 7, 2013 - ... Warhol and Arthur Danto, resolves the problem, Danto's  
philosophy .... This would fit Freeland's Dantoian idea that the relevant 
theory  is ...

Art as reflexive Practice | Daniel Martin Feige - Academia.edu
Building on Arthur C. Danto's influential paper The Artworld,10 George  
Dickie's ..... Artworks, being relational entities in the Hegelian and Dantoian 
sense, ...

Get PDF (786K) - Wiley Online Library
challenge to Arthur Danto's theory of art and to his interpretation of art  
history, it is the ... I find these arguments convincing, Quineans and 
Dantoians  may not.

Interpretation and Artistic Identity - Docstoc
Apr 1, 2010 - Arthur Danto believes that artworks are constituted by their  
..... itself, one that is within the Dantoian constellation of ideas, but 
which  also suffers ...

Etienne Chambaud (b. 1980) Lives in Paris, France Texts
This openness seems to play with what Arthur C. Danto considers to be one  
of ... Even a Dantoian art critic, familiar with performing the mental 
exercise  “if this ...

(b) Hits for "Dantoan" (fewer)

Print this article - OJS Statsbiblioteket
by M  Ryynanen - ‎2004
This article owes a lot to Arthur C. Danto's heuristic  writings about the 
Artworld, .... Dantoan themes in the 1990s, producing  objects, which may 
have led Danto to.

Max Ryynänen LEARNING FROM VENICE What a unique city can ...
Oct 5, 2009 - This is especially strange in aesthetics, as Arthur C. Danto, 
 introduced us ... The point is that the effects of Dantoan atmosphere of 
theory  and art ...

Built-Environment-Sri Lanka- Vol.02 IssueOl: 2001 Abstract The  ...
We rely on a Dantoan conception of "art world" (see Oanto 1981), which  
..... Danto, Arthur (1981)- Transfiguration of the Commonplace Cambridge 
(Mass.)  ...

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