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We are considering, "One, two, buckle my shoe". 
In a message dated 6/17/2009 12:27:37 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
karltrogge@xxxxxxxx writes:
> Never mind Witters unless you quote him  SPECIFICALLY.

Wht do you mean by this remark?  -- my query is about  any influence he may 
have had on Herbert Paul  
Grice (March 13, 1913 -  August 28, 1988), the British-educated  
philosopher of language.
---- Grice? Never heard of him.

Just joking!
First: I've been to Amsterdam and they ARE parochial, and NOBODY can speak  
two languages. 
I thought you were saying that "Witters" (as Grice called Wittgenstein) had 
 something to say about numbers, etc. -- and that's why I was asking for a  
specific quotation.
If it's as brilliant as what he said about 'sentences' ... (Just joking --  
but you never answered my query as to how ill formed can a sentence be). If 
you  correspond with me, you have to keep on track, because I'm very fast.
Yes, I think Witters did influence Grice.
I think it was at first Witter's ridiculous things that motivated Grice to  
delve deeper.
"A horse cannot look like a horse", Witters would say. "Of course he can;  
in fact a horse cannot BUT look like a horse -- most of the time."
At a later stage, in 1975 ("Method") he was more sympathetic: he quotes  
Witters twice there: e.g. about 'expect' -- a dog can expect that his owner 
will  walk him. -- and about inner states needing explanatory bite.
---- But on the whole, Witters was regarded by Grice as a _VERY_ 'minor  
figure' in philosophy. The greats were, for Grice: Locke, Wollaston, 
Bosanquet,  and Aristotle, with Kant. 
Oddly, that list corresponds with me _minus_ Aristotle and Kant_. And I  
AUSTIN, John Langshaw  b. Lancaster
GRICE, Herbert Paul b. Holborne, Warwickshire
HAMPSHIRE, Stuart Newton, b. Lincolnshire
HARE, Richard Mervyn  b.  Somerset
NOWELL-SMITH, Patrick Horace. Born Middlesex
PEARS, David Francis b. Middlesex
STRAWSON, Peter Frederick  b. Middlesex
THOMSON, James Francis b  Suffolk
URMSON, James Opie. born Yorkshire
WARNOCK, Geoffrey James  b. Yorkshire
These philosophers formed what Grice called "The Play Group" -- Inside the  
playgroup and its influence, there's philosophy; outside it, none!
J. L. Speranza
           "Some like  Wittters, but Grice's my man"
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