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Could you quote the sentences ?    O.K.

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That's what I believed (thanks for the validation) ... until this week the 
student was given an assignment to indicate whether something in each sentence 
was a predicate nominative OR a subject complement!  Hence my confusion re. 
grammar terminology in this instance.

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On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 12:06 PM, Adriano Palma <Palma@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

1.  The traditional term for a noun, pronoun, or other nominal that follows a 
linking verb. The contemporary term for a predicate nominative is subject 
>This is pretty much the standard contemporary terminology.
>'hope it helps
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>I'm tutoring a high school kid in Honor's English.  I thought I had a pretty 
>solid grammar foundation -- I used to diagram sentences for fun, and I've 
>studied French, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.  However.  The class seems 
>to be making distinctions among predicate nominatives, subject complements, 
>and appositives which are bewildering, especially since much of the material 
>out there uses "predicate nominative" and "subject complement" 
>interchangeably, and the sources that do not distinguish them differently from 
>one another.  Her text is close to worthless because the teacher does not hew 
>closely to it.  There seems to be a fair amount of latitude in grammar 
>terminology these days amongst sources and teachers.  Googling only confuses 
>the issues because every "solid" website I can find either interchanges the 
>terms synonymously, or distinguishes the terms from one another differently 
>from the last website.
>I'm going to ask the student if there's any way she can record the classes, 
>but I'm looking at listening to hours of classroom explication if she's able 
>to do so!
>Any and all thoughts, ideas, directions, observations, corrections, are 
>Julie Campbell
>Julie's Music & Language Studio
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