[lit-ideas] California Strays and Microchips

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  • Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 16:40:59 EDT

On the other hand, it is still in the proposed budget a proposal to eliminate 
the requirement that shelters search for owners of lost animals who come in 
WITH a microchip. (I suppose that saves some $$, too...though not nearly as 
much as his original proposal) Still, it goes against what is currently 
both in California and the rest of the country--more and more owners/shelters 
are using microchips. In fact, many shelters are putting microchips in the 
animal before adopting them out...)  I know of several cases where the 
was able to match the owner with the lost pet.  
Glad that Sparky doesn't live in California,
Marlena in Missouri

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