[lit-ideas] Re: "Beilaufig gesprochen: Die Gegenstande sindfarblos" (Wittgenstein, TLP 2.0232)

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(Wittgenstein, TLP 2.0232)

> For if a flower is, say, blue (meaning "non-blue", in Krueger's and
> rewrite), why would we say that 'non-blue' is _not_ a colour?

Indeed why.  I can't speak for JK, but I didn't say 'non-blue' is not a
colour or even not a color.  I said that the blue flower was, in fact, every
color but blue.  The colors we ascribe to things are actually the colors
they are not.  The blue wave-lengths are reflected to our eyes because there
is nothing blue in the flower to absorb them.  The flower is blueless or,
what I term, 'colorless'.

A.A.  I think you're right.  I think that's how "blue blocker" sunglasses work. 
 Blue as in blue eyes or blue sky is not a true color in the sense that it's 
not a pigment.  Molecules in the eyes or sky scatter wave lengths from the sun, 
etc.  Blue is also a pigment, such as in blueberries (anthocyanins and other 
pigments, the stuff that makes brightly colored fruits and vegetables so 
protective against disease) and presumably also in flowers.  If one combines 
blue and yellow paint, one gets green.  Quoting from the web site cited below:  
"Sunlight is made up of all different colors of light, but because of the 
elements in the atmosphere the color blue is scattered much more efficiently 
than the other colors."  For more details, see:


Feeling blue. 

Clear as mud,
Mike Geary

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