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Donald McEvoy says Harvard professor emeritus Hilary Putnam is 'girly', and  
consequently spells his name 'Hillary'. R. Paul adds fuel and forwards
>for scholarly purposes 
"During a stop in Nepal ... Hillary Clinton engaged in a brief ...  meeting 
with Sir Edmund Hillary (who, along with Tenzing Norgay,
became the  first person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest) and told 
reporters she had  been named after the famed mountain
Better than 'Norgay Rodham', I suppose.
"Hillary Clinton didn't technically claim the story of how she came by  her
first name was literally true (at least in any of the accounts we've  found); 
said her mother told her it was true -- a minor but important  distinction 
how often parents make up harmless little fibs to amuse  their children or
misremember past events."
I'm confused. Isn't truth supposed to be 'transitive'?
"(Her husband, former president Bill Clinton, did repeat the claim in  his
2004 autobiography.)"
You see. It's transitive.
The question remains: after whom was Hilary Putnam christened? 


"Problem is  Edmund Hillary did not perform the feat that made him a 
household name
until  1953 (by which time Hillary Rodham
was already 6)"
"Seeing Edmund  Hillary's name in print ["I'm going to climb Mt. Everest"] 
inspired her mother  to name her 'Hillary'
(even though she came across it being used a surname  rather than a first 
"the  two-l
spelling, while less common, was one she was far more likely to have  
reading about persons (both male and female) much more prominent  than Edmund
Hillary such as film actress Hillary Brooke and Cornell football  and
basketball star Hillary Chollet."

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