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  • Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 11:11:23 -0400

I had unlaced Coke Zero yesterday.  It's very sweet, sweeter than Diet
Coke.  I thought it was called Coke Zero because it had zero everything,
including caffeine, but it does have caffeine and 30 mgs of sodium, not
much, but not zero.  Coke Almost Zero is a better name.  I didn't like the
added sweetness.  Wal-Mart sells Clear America which is very good.  It
really is zero, including no calories, sodium or caffeine.  It's sweetened
with aspartame and comes in a variety of fruit flavors.  I really like it.

I just read that Lipitor, Zocor (both statins) and Lopressor (beta blocker)
is associated with nightmares in 2% of patients.  

Saw a movie I liked last night, Muriel's Wedding.  It's off the beaten
path, worth watching.

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> Oh, good. Thanks.
> I've not yet tried Coke Zero and Rum.
> yrs,
> andreas
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