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Wilson countered by calling Roethke a half-baked Bacchus and ordering him to
leave.  As he stormed toward the door, Roethke ran into Allen Tate's
daughter, Nancy, and her husband, Dr. Wood.  Mrs. Wilson, trying to make
some introductions, awkward at best since Roethke was being thrown out,
explained that Dr. Wood was a psychiatrist.  Then, when Wood reached out to
shake Roethke's hand, Roethke, thinking he was about to be restrained,
lashed out and hit him.  Roethke's friends hastily tried to explain that it
was all a misunderstanding, that Roethke had never hit anyone before, even
as they rushed him out the door and the tired year slammed shut behind

Party in Ithaca about 45 years ago. I got up from wherever I was sitting in the
living room and headed for the kitchen to get another drink. A woman with blood
covering her face was leaving the kitchen, crying and covering her face. Behind
her a crazed looking man was being restrained by several other guests.
Someone pushed past me, and as he did, said, 'You don't understand--he's a

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