[LRflex] Photoshop X1, comments

  • From: "Bille Xavier F." <hot_billexf@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 22:46:49 +0100

Hello Gang.

I've been a user of the Version 10 of this software by Corel and I just 
bought the version 11 (XI), the real "Graal" as per marketing Bunch.

Announced like this, you can imagine easily it's not as revolutionary as 
they say. It works better, less bugs. The organiser is attached to the 
program instead of using an external program.

Overall, it's betteri ntegrated.

I'm however quite surprised that it is not able to handle the RAW NEF files 
produced by the Scanner while they claim they have the module. Why?
Nef is the Raw format of the D200 according to the Net.Then there are more 
than one RAW NEF.

Hmmm Mystery.

to give it a try, the JPEG,, shot taken in Canada 10 Years back, fuji 
Sensia, Tamron Zoom SP Lens


Built in automatic mode from (Warning Big File)


Once again, I'm not using the best Equipment, a ol'laptop by Compaq. You may 
feel it's Yuck :)

Question: Who has been to Churchill in CA to watch the migration of these 
dangerous mammals? I think it could be fun, please, would you share your 

Enough for tonite.

Xavier F. BILLE
Maisons-Alfort - France.

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