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Hello, Philippe,

The lens was the 35-70 I use so many times, without any filter (I don't use 
any, even no UV) and I was standing very close to him.
The blues are a special feature of Velvia film, and one of the reasons I use it 
long time ago.
Thanks a lot for your kind comments. I'm glad you like the pictures.
Have a nice day,
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  I don't know about faces Marc, but this boat and fisherman is wonderful - 
looks like a wider than 35mm view to me BTW. Did you use an UV filter on it? 
The blues are so surprising for me who's never been there.

  Harvest has, as stated by David, a very pleasant and fluid compostion. Yet 
another shot I'd like to have taken.

  Thanks for the sunny views.


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  New faces in
  I hope you like it.
  Thanks for looking.

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