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Good for you, it was the right move. We once had a baby mockingbird fall from its nest so I put it in a box back up in the tree and Mama came and fed it and in a few days it flew away. Birds know what to do.



On Jun 15, 2009, at 7:19 AM, David Young wrote:

Good Mornin' Fellow Flexers...

Yesterday, I was in my office (a good day to be indoors, as we had many thunder showers, hail & rain) framing more photos for our next Arts & Crafts Fair, July 1st. From outside, I could hear the peeping of what sounded like an injured bird...

When I went out, I discovered this little fella (and his sister) had been separated from his mom... we think by some young kids who'd brought them up from the lake, as "pets", before the little tykes made an escape.

No matter, after a thorough search of the area, for their mother, I took them down to the lake and turned them loose. After ten minutes of complaining, they were reunited with their family.

However, before I did all this, I couldn't resist taking a portrait or two...


Technical stuff ... Olympus E3 w/80~200 Vario-Elmar + Nikon 6T Achromat (similar to an Elpro). 1/30th @ f4, ISO 1250 and run through Neat Image.

C&C welcomed, as always.


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