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  • Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 00:13:07 +0100


I hope you don't mind me saying so, but I think you ought to leave the "special effects" out of your work.

In my opinion they don't do a thing to make good shots either "better" or particularly "different".

Quite a few of your recent posts, including the portraits of Ires, have been very good until you started playing around with them.

If you are so unsure of what your pictures are supposed to be showing, then it's not a matter of trying to alter them until someone says "Now that's nice", you should be showing what you think is right.

Suggestions for other ways of shooting, presenting or processing them certainly have come and will continue coming from the members on the list, positive and negative criticism too, most of which is excellent advice for people who have "Been there and done it".

Often enough Ted and others have told me the best place for some of my shots is in the round wire bin under my desk - and, on taking a closer look, I had to admit they were right and it certainly sharpened my eye for separating out shots that were simply a waste of disk space - and saved me a lot of wasted processing time and effort.

Showing alternatives the way you have done so often recently seems to me to be a sign of insecurity about what you are in fact doing.

I very much like your portraits (and a lot of your other subjects) just as they are on your website. You are a good photographer, but I can't help thinking that you yourself are not quite so sure about it.

Sorry to be so blunt about it - please keep on posting the ones that really caught your eye in the first place, but without trying all the toys in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Best regards

linda.vermeiren@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Dear Chris,
Do these catch the soul better? http://fotos.designing.be/Iresagedcolor/ Is it about laughing...? Yours sincerely Linda

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    Hello Linda,

    I am new to this list and don't know the accepted conventions and
    behaviour here:

    I hope that if I criticise your pictures, it won’t be taken amiss
    or, worse, that I’ll not be considered a pariah!  But you are
    asking for feedback…

    The pictures of the young woman: I find them technically very well
    done, well lit and so on....

    But what is the purpose of those pictures? They generally don't
    catch the character or the soul of the subject. If they are meant
    to be glamorous, in several she has expressions which don't show
    her at her best.

    My main observation/criticism is, what are you trying to say with
    these photos?

    Best wishes,


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