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Subject: Legislative Milestone Update

Legislative Updates

Below are a few bills concerning children we are tracking. To see all of th= e 
proposed children=92s legislation go to our legislative tracking page: ww= 

 *   HB1034, by Rep. Dan Kirby, was approved by the House 92-0 with no amen=
dments. This bill would allow a federally recognized Indian tribe to sponso= r 
a charter school on property within the former reservation or held in tru= st 
by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  The bill now goes to the Senate.
 *   HB 2157, by Rep. John Echols, was passed by the Children, Youth and Fa=
mily Services Committee by an 8-0 vote. This bill would create the Family S= 
upport Accountability Act, directing departments implementing home-visiting=  
services to promulgate rules, collaborate with the Early Childhood Advisor= y 
Council and jointly develop an outcome measurement plan. This bill is cur= 
rently awaiting 3rd reading in the House of Representatives.
 *   Erin=92s Law, HB1684, by Rep. Lee Denney would require schools to esta=
blish a sexual abuse prevention program.  This bill passed out of committee=  
and is currently awaiting 3rd reading in the House of Representatives.
 *   HB1079, by Rep. Pat Ownbey, would allow foster parents of a child to s=
ubmit a report to the courts in review hearings for deprived children. This=  
bill was engrossed by the House and moved to the Senate.
 *   SB285, by Sen. John Ford, would require the State Board of Education t=
o promulgate and align standards for early childhood education programs. Th= is 
engrossed bill will move to the Oklahoma House of Representatives.
 *   SB457, by Sen. A.J. Griffin, passed out of the Senate Judiciary Commit=
tee. This bill would provide a competency evaluation standard for youth tha= t 
are charged with crimes in the Oklahoma juvenile justice system.
 *   SB511, by Sen. Kay Floyd, was passed by the Oklahoma Senate voted 46 t=
o 0 with an amendment.  This bill amendment would require the Oklahoma Comm= 
ission on Children and Youth to administer the Advisory Council on Child Ho= 
melessness through the Children and Youth Steering Committee of the Office = of 
Planning and Coordination. This committee would review data and propose = 
policy solutions relating to the issue of child homelessness.
 *   HB1598, by Rep. Sally Kern, passed out of the Children, Youth and Fami=
ly Services Committee. The bill creates the Parental and Family Rights in C= 
ounseling Protection Act. It is currently awaiting 3rd reading in the House=  
of Representatives.


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