[lanse] Re: tourney sign up stuff

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  • Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 09:24:32 +0100

i think i aught to post a bit more detail...

say we can admin 2 games at same time so 4 teams can play.

say we have 5 teams...
each team gets to play every other team.
1v2 2v3 3v4 4v5
1v3 2v4 3v5
1v4 2v5

i now want to arrange this across 2 servers/5rounds
sv1             sv2
1v2             3v4
1v3             4v5
1v4             2v3
1v5             2v4
2v5             3v5

but i want to auto generate this ... :)


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im writing a toruney management script in php for jason (lanse).
Im really having a hard time creating the code for round robin .

Anyone done this kinda thing.


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