[LandXML] LandXML 2d viewer query and new web apps available

  • From: "Nathan Crews" <nathan.crews@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <landxml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 10:44:09 -0600

Hello All,

The most asked question we get is: Is there a free LandXML viewer? We should
work on a better answer than "no" (or not that I know of). While we did just
publish the new "LandXML to SVG converter" web application, you still need
the Adobe SVG Viewer plugin or Firefox 1.5+ to see the graphics. You also
loose LandXML metadata in the translation and it currently only works on
LandXML-1.0 files.

Earlier this year Jeff Bramlett donated a .NET application called LandXML
Companion that provides a nice 2D view of LandXML-1.0 files. I updated the
code to support new 1.1 additions and .NET 2.0, but it still needs a bit of
polish. In previous years, Jeff also built a Java 2D viewer that has since
fallen out of date. 

I would like to build on the work Jeff has done, but need some feedback from
you on the direction we take providing a free LandXML viewer.

Questions for end users out there: 
*       Would you prefer a .NET or Java (or both) based LandXML graphical
*       Is 2D enough or do you want see 3D as well?
*       What other kind of non-graphical data would you like to see?

Questions for software developers:
*       Who would like to help me work on this as an open source project?
*       Would you prefer to work on the .NET or Java viewer?

Also, there have been quite a few recent additions to the LandXML.org web

*       A new build (21) of the LandXML SDK is now available. As requested,
we added build projects and pre-built binaries for Microsoft Developer
Studio 2003 and 2005 using the latest Xerces 2.7 XML parser supporting both
Win32 and x64.
*       The new  <http://www.landxml.org/SoftwareDemos.htm> Software and
Demonstration page <http://www.landxml.org/SoftwareDemos.htm>  has two new
web applications "LandXML to SVG converter" and "email address geo-encoding
to Google Earth".
*       Australian ePlan Workshop materials from the ICSM 2006 Conference,
September 2006, Cairns, Australia posted on the Workshops
<http://www.landxml.org/Workshops/Workshops.htm>  page. 
*       The US FHWA IHSDM 2006 Public Release (Version 3.00) is now
available for download at www.ihsdm.org. 


Nathan Crews

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