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Kids Together Email Newsletter              
                    "promoting inclusive communities where all people belong"
                    January 2007 Newsletter
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                    ""Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find 
out how far one can go." 
                    ~ T.S. Elliot ~

                    Guide to Resources 
                    for Promoting Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Practices
                    by the Facilitators of the LRE Part B Community

                    LRE Part B Community Facilitators developed this guide to 
assist state personnel to identify federal resources (and those developed with 
federal funding) to address LRE. Educators can use Promoting LRE Practices in 
conjunction with the State Performance Plan Guide previously developed by the 
LRE Part B Community of Practice Facilitators. This guide is organized into 
seven topical areas: instructional capacity, leadership, resource availability, 
perceptions, parent and family support, integration with schoolwide reform, and 


                     In Pennsylvania

                    Show Our Unity!
                    Hundreds Have Signed! Now is the time!
                    Hurry! The petition will be submitted mid January to the 
Governor. Sign today!

                    It takes only a minute to show your support and unity for 
promoting and keeping Pennsylvania on a path of quality outcomes for students 
with disabilities. (Just click "Sign the Petition", enter your name and email 
address and comments if you like, and then click submit. Your email address 
remains private). Hundreds of parents, individuals, advocates, educators, 
higher ed, professionals and others representing all tyes of disabilities are 
joining together! This is a simple way to be heard! 

                    Dr. Rhen was the removed as director of the Pennsyvania 
Bureau of Special Education on December 12 2006, after being honored at the 
statewide tansition conference in July. The state's brochure lists:  Dr. Rhen 
is a strong advocate for the preparation of youth to achieve successful 
postschool outcomes and, under her leadership the Commonwealth has made great 
gains. She is viewed as a national leader.

                    In response to this action, hundreds of advocates and 
others are writing and responding to concerns that removing a person with the 
qualities and knowledge that Dr Rhen brought to the position will hamper the 
forward progress the state was beginning to make. We want collaboration from 
the state with all stakeholders, we want best practice which is also inclusive 
practice, we want people in the department that know and understand what 
children and educators need in the classroom!


                    International Exchange Programs

                    MIUSA has been pioneering short-term international exchange 
programs in the US and abroad since 1981, and has worked with people with and 
without disabilities from over 90 countries. MIUSA is currently accepting 
applications for a 16-day exchange program to Costa Rica.. MIUSA offers 
programs focusing on youth, young adults, parents, professionals and women.  
MIUSA will work with you to develop individualized exchange programs to support 
your group's disability rights interests.


                    U.N. Adopts Landmark Treaty 
                    on Rights of People with Disabilities 

                    On December 13, 2006, the United Nations formally agreed a 
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the first human rights 
treaty of the 21st century, to protect and enhance the rights and opportunities 
of the world's estimated 650 million disabled people.[ Countries that sign up 
to the convention will be required to adopt national laws, and remove old ones, 
so that persons with disabilities would, for example, have equal rights to 
education, employment, and cultural life; the right to own and inherit 
property; not be discriminated against in marriage, children, etc; not be 
unwilling subjects in medical experiments.


                    New AAC 

                    A new and very cool speech device is now available. Check 
your AT center to try one out! The Tango is a communication aid that contains 
phrases, words, and spelling, in easy to-understand digitally enhanced or 
synthesized voices. It lets you create photo albums, do voice-morphing, and 
change icons using photos. There's room on the device for up to 120 new Topics. 
You can load anything you own onto the Tango, that means photos of friends, 
images on your computer, or other symbols. It uses word predication and easily 
be connected as input to a computer. Lightweight, water resistent, durable with 
replaceable batteries and even has a built in digital camera with flash.  Go to 
the website to try it out on line, or to watch videos of  this new exciting 


                     In Pennsylvania

                    The Lehigh Valley Chapter of Pennsylvania Education for All 
Coalition will hold it's monthly meetings at Lehigh University on the 3rd 
Wednesday of each month, the next meeting is January 17th. Parents, 
professionals, educators, higher education and others are weclome!  Time: 
7:15pm Where: Lehigh University Mountain Top Campus - Iacocca Hall -First 
Floor, Room E-104 Directions: http://www3.lehigh.edu/ Click on "About Lehigh" 
at the topFor more information about PEAC visit http://www.peac.org 

                    Temple University's Insitute on Disabilities has extended 
the deadline for for parents applying to a FREE series of trainings in the 
Philadelphia area. C2P2EI, Competence and Confidence Partners in Policymaking 
is open to all families receiving Early Intervention services. Parents get 
up-to-date information, leadership development training, resources and skills. 
For more info email Diane Perry at dperry@xxxxxxxxxx


                    The Parent Side (tm)
                    T-shirts, cards, magnets mugs, stickers & more!
                    It's a campaign for inclusion and against exclusion! 

                    Great stuff for everyone, children, adults, advocates, 
self-advocates, professionals and families. Give a unique gift to the advocate 
who supported you or reward yourself and make a statement! Tote bags, mugs, 
t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, mousepads, buttons, magnets, posters and more! 
Designs that speak!  


                    Resources are listed for general information purposes only
                    Kids Together does not endorse products, services, or 
provide any legal advice

                    Kids Together, Inc. is an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 
                    We support the belief that children with disabilities, like 
all children, 
                    have the need to be welcomed, cherished and embraced in our 

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