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Just a HUGE THANK YOU to Brian Christy, all of the great bands, all of YOU, and everyone else that made this year's Blind Baby's Holiday one of the best in recent memory. We're already counting down the days until next year's festival. If this year was your first experience, PLEASE spread the word and help grow the BBH family!

In other news... Kosmic's next scheduled show is Friday, SEPTEMBER 22nd, at MR. GOODBAR, located at 1110 Elmwood Avenue, in Buffalo (phone: 716-882-4000). We're not sure of the exact line-up yet, but it should be similar to what we did this past Friday at BBH. Show will begin about 11pm and we'll be playing until at least 2:30am or later. This will be a 21+ event with a small cover charge ($3) to benefit the band (us) at the door. Special flyers will be available to get your first drink free. More info to follow as we get closer to September.

We're hoping to add a few shows for the Fall soon and are looking forward to working with the Lockport Music Coalition to bring good music to Lockport and the rest of the WNY area.

Until then, take care of yourselves and one another.

PS:  Yeah, we'll really try to do something about the website soon!

Please visit www.kosmicbarnyard.com for news, music, pics, and more!

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