KOSMIC BARNYARD- Tomorrow Night @ McGarret's!!

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  • Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 21:10:48 -0500

This is a late breaking announcement from KB headquarters... the boys will 
be down at McGarret's tomorrow night kicking back some cold brews and 
kicking out some hot jams.  So, whether you're coming from the Derek Trucks 
show and looking for more or just kicking around home and feeling the need 
to get out, please come out to McGarret's and join in the fun.

McGarret's is located at 946 Elmwood Avenue (on the corner of Bidwell 
Parkway and Elmwood Ave.) in Buffalo, NY, right across from Cafe Aroma and 
next door to Jim's Steakout.

We apologize for the late notification and we'll be sure to keep you updated 
on any and all upcoming show dates and news from the band.

Peace it!
The Barnyard

PS:  A BIG welcome to any new members to this list! Thanks SO much for your 
interest and support!

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