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  • From: Robin L Darroch <robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 05:24:26 +0800

Actually, the way to fix that is not to build it in Xcode at all: in the source directory, you'll find a shell script called "compile.command". Just execute that and you'll have a freshly built KisMAC, dependencies and all! After you've done that once, you can build using Xcode if you really want to. :)

Hi Mick, et. al.,

I just downloaded svn and then the latest Kismac project (version r59) and opened the Kismac project in Xcode and tried to build it. It doesn't build because it appears that the target dependencies were not set up in Xcode. It seems now that there are quite a lot of different sub-projects and some of them need to be built before Kismac is, it would be nice to have those dependencies set up in Xcode. I suppose this isn't a problem for someone who has everything all built already, but I thought I'd mention it because you guys might never notice it.

Thanks for a great piece of software!

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