[kismac] Re: Suggestion

  • From: Michael Rossberg <mick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 00:37:44 +0200

answers to all of those questions in the last days:

0.09a is working fine for me. No crashes to report.
Here is my Lazy person suggestion :)
How about changing the network field gui so that ssids and other node info
can be cut and pasted. For example if I want to use the ssid of a node I
can't cut the ssid field but instead I have type it in manually when
referring to it. This is laborious when the node name is x3p5hjapcA or named
something obscure. It doesn't sound like a major code change, what do you
think ?
This idea is quite nice but as I would like this lazy approach would it not be easier to have a button "join selected node"? This feature of iStumber is one of the things that I miss in KisMac very much.

this makes sense for active stumbling i guess. i'll see what i can do...

1. After a successful scan I save my map (01.04.04Map.kismap) and then do a
save (01.04.04.kismac).When I want to reopen this "project" I need to do a
OPEN MAP , then OPEN 01.04.04.kismac.Is it possible to turn this into one
step so that a OPEN PROJECT opens both the .kismac file and the associated
map file ?

i ll do that if i am bored only i guess. it is planned for a future release to replace the whole kismap stuff anyways.

2. I also noted that the gps trace isn't available the next time I open my
"project". Is it possible to save this data ? The "show are of all nets"
date is saved.

this is on my todo list for ages now i guess. maybe sometime...

3. Can you code a export to jpeg function. The export to pdf is nice but the
resulting pdf file is pretty big. I guess the size of the pdf is dependant
on Apple's quartz pdf api ?

did that in CVS version, but the files are still very big and look more ugly.

I've attached another screenshot of overlapping nodes. It has been suggested
to me to use a larger resolution map which I will try if I can get my hands
on one. Would a solution also be to reduce the fonts in size and line then
up under each other if more than one appears at a location?

one could actually write such a alignment, but first of all i have to have even more time for this, second it is very time consuming for the computer too. i know it sucks, but there is not much i can do about it right now.


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