[kismac] Re: Route 66 exporting ?

  • From: ard jonker <ard.jonker@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 22:10:36 +0200

At 02:54 +0100 23-07-2004, Dan wrote:

Hi Mick & everyone !
I'm having problems with my current map and KisMac. When I get to a busy
location multiple access points overlap. Does anyone know how to export a
map of a city from Route 66 ? I'm looking for a map of my city
(Cork,Ireland) with a 1:5000 scale or less. Route 66 will scale upto 1:2300
but I can't export the map. I've tried cutting and pasting each screen but
it's pointless due to overlapping.

Any suggestions as how I can export a map of an entire city for use with
KisMac ? It doesn't matter what os or application the solution uses as long
as I get a jpeg or something similar. Thanks in advance.

Using R66 myself for this purpose, I'm dragging a window as large as possible (rearrange multiple monitors to accomodate as large a portion of the map as you can), then ctrl-alt-shift-4 to do screenshot, select the map portion of the R66 window, and import the resulting pdf image from the desktop as image in Kismac. As Kismac can zoom beyond 1:1, you'll have more (interpolated) detail in your map, allowing the AP's dragged further apart to get them readable.

Of course, the Kismac map needs to be calibrated. After all the good works so far, Mick may need to do a little cleanup in map routines, I guess, as continued re-calibration (because I found a better waypoint e.g.) crashes Kismac on me once and a while. Routinely, I set the current GPS point (usually the point of departure, found with R66 on GPS) in Kismac, save the map as map, quit Kismac, open the map again in Kismac, then go war driving.

When I reach a point yonder on the map, (preferrably the opposite corner of the first waypoint but any smaller distance will do), I stop scanning, save the found set, set the second waypoint, save the map, quit Kismac, load the map in Kismac again, load the found set and see all the wonderful AP's. When I have travelled to the opposite corner of the map, I refine calibration once again using the above procedure.

The save-quit-open has probably saved me quite a few times from losing all my accesspoints. On a 200 km drive (the coarsest map I've ever used), I even could tell the AP's in little villages apart very well on a 5 times Kismac '+' zoomed 1:1 map created this way.

Don't export the more than 1:1 zoomed image (e.g. with trace or AP's) unless you have plenty of memory. A 1280x1024 map zoomed 2x is saved as a 2560x2048 pixel map, I get the impression. It once hung my TiBook for over a night when I tried to save a 10x zoomed map of the city, resulting in an over 100 MB image file :(


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