[kismac] GPS Serial Adapter Options & Which Do You Use?

  • From: Galen <gzink@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 01:18:53 -0800


I asked about this topic several months ago but I wasn't able to get anywhere. This time, there are some new factors and another question tacked on.

Here's my basic hardware:
-Garmin eTrex Legend GPS w/PC-style serial cable
-Palm branded Serial Adapter (PC-style serial connector)
-Belkin branded PDA Serial Adapter (PC-style connector)
-iBook G3 with 10.3.2 (also other Macs, iBook would be most useful though)

My GPS is a new acquisition. I love it, but I'm dying to get it working with my computer for KisMAC and possibly other purposes. Considering that I just happen to have two different serial adapters that all physically work and a decent amount of computer expertise, I'm dying to make it work with my computer. I need some suggestions for making any of that stuff work, I'm not finding any drivers that are helpful online. There are no formal drivers for either device under OS X. The Keyspan drivers won't even install for me. The Palm device works great for Palm Desktop only. Suggestions? Anyone?

I also would like any notes on this specific GPS for what I should be doing to make it work. Anything special beyond selecting "NMEA In/Out" under "Interface" settings? I'd rather not spend hours making my serial adapter work and discover that it was working long ago but something was wrong on the GPS.

The final thing would be, in the event I don't have luck with getting either of the adapters in working order, what are you all using for adapters. Any input? I'm especially interested in inexpensive options, it bugs me to no end that a basic function like serial I/O costs so darn much to get on a recent computer! Back when USB came out, I wasn't bothered, I had a USB printer and whatnot pretty quick and assumed USB adapters would be cheap as peanuts in a few years, but no such luck, at least not in the mainstream...


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