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  • From: Michael Rossberg <mick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 23:23:21 +0100

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Moin Moin,

>> i was thinking about such a functionality, but i was going to add it 
>> =0D
>> much later. also i am not very happy with the maps from excite and, i 
>> =0D=
>> think it was, mapblast, that gpsdrive uses. actually i wrote a small 
>> =0D
>> program which made it easy to import maps from stadtplan.net, but 
>> they =0D=
>> have to be aligned also.
> The cool thing about the maps form Mapblast is, that they are ready
> aligned and as I tested them with GPSDrive on my Mac, are very acurate.

but they are ugly, and include only bigger towns. at least in germany. 
if anybody needs a map of greifswald or ilmenau just drop me a mail 
(but i dont think so ;-)

> There is a Perl script coming with GPSDrive, at the Moment i try to get
> it working with KisMAC somehow, but I'm not so good in either Perl nor
> ObjectiveC but I have a look. Don't expect much of it.

i know this script. good luck with it. my first impression was, that it 
is pretty messy, but import routines are never really readable ;-).

> I never had a closer look on the System stadtplan.net uses. If I
> remember right they have the Falk Plans online, right?
> Well the grafical quality of these si much better, I have to admit.

i dont know, what i like is the fact that they are vectors, one could 
do a lot with those informations. btw does anybody know whether it is 
possible to extract maps from a commercial program such as map & guide 
or another routing program?

>> about the problems: it seems, it is not working all correctly. i ll 
>> =0D
>> have to check that, but i did not have the time, yet. however if you 
>> =0D
>> know a little obj-c, you are welcome to take a look at the sources. 
>> if =0D=
>> not i guess you will have to wait :o(=
> Well i'm on it, but do not expect to much. In the moment I try to get
> KisMAC to build on my system, seems linke some OpenTransport stuff is
> missing, which might have to do with some older dev stuff I had there.

i am just back from a test drive.... it should be working now. i just 
overwrote the old 0.04a version on the server, since my version did not 
add anything other than bugfixes. just download it again.
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