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Hi, Team-

I apologize to everyone who is opting out of the summer season and is still receiving these emails...I'm not quite sure how to take you off of the list; I will have to ask Ken.

The summer league is not starting this weekend as planned (see Renee's email below). We will have our first games the following Saturday, on July 14th (times to be announced). If you played in the full0field league you are already registered and do not need to do so again.

Here is who I have confirmed:


Did I miss anyone??

The season only runs for one month, last game are on August 11th. Full Field is expected to start in September, so there won't be a very long break. Hopefully some of you can rejoin the team. If not, we may stick to playing with Manuia.

Let me know if you have any questions. Jim is currently trying to balance the 2 Manuia teams, so stay tuned to know which one you are on. See you all soon! Have a happy 4th!

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Hi all!
With everything that is going on this weekend (the rodeo, Fourth of July celebrations, and important events in some of our members lives) along with the youth tournament that happened this past weekend, we have decided to postpone our start date until July 14!

However, rosters are still due to Amber by THIS Wednesday, July 4 at 8pm.

DO NOT add someone to your roster until they have registered with HSA. For the players that played full field this past season, they’re still good. Any NEW players need to register. Please remember that there are team fines that incur if your team plays with any players that have not registered!!!

The season will go from July 14-August 11.
It is short but we always try to end 7v7 before our HSA coverage ends.

Also, please be aware that we have the permits for the fields starting September 1 so full field won’t be far behind.

AND I’m still looking for someone to shadow me for the rest of this year with the intent of taking over for me in January, in case I get into grad school. PLEASE let me know if anyone is able to do this. It’s been CRICKETS since I sent the last request out;).

Last, but not least, is there anyone that would be willing to take responsibility for lining the fields every other weekend during this season?? The league will provide all the equipment and supplies, we just need someone to commit to doing it every other weekend (which is really only twice this season)...ANY volunteers?

I’d like to remind everyone that without these little tasks being done, we won’t have a league. I’d like to thank Zeke Prados from Excel who took care of fixing up the goals this past weekend. He did it all by himself (Rachael and I did a great job of being there for moral support)! And to Kimi for helping coordinate that! I am sorry for the late notice and understand that’s why most people couldn’t make it.

So, we had to cap the league at 8 teams. I miscounted one so here are the confirmed teams:
Dog and Duck
Excel- (Kimi, we can only confirm 1 team for you guys, I’ll text you and Nalu tomorrow)
FC Maui
Lahaina (only 1 team please)
Manuia White
Manuia Blue

Schedules will come out as soon as we get them done. I’m sorry to anyone who wanted to potentially put 2 teams in but I went based on who confirmed a team first.
As always, mahalo for being patient with me!!!

Any questions, please let me know!


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