[kegswindows] Re: H E L P

  • From: "Larry Shaw " <lshaw@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <kegswindows@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 15:32:13 -0700

Hi Les!

> 1. I've run partition magic to break the disk apart into logical areas

> for SYSTEM, DATA, MEDIA, and PROGRAMS. How do I re-assign the drive 
> letters? I have C:drive, D:CD-Rom, E:DVD, F:drive, G:drive,
> H:Drive. I want C D E F as drives, M as CD-ROM and N as DVD.

Now that you have the drive partitions created, right click on My
Computer and select "Manage".  Select "Disk Management" and it will show
the partitions and drives that exist now.  Right click on the drive you
want to change and select "Change drive letter or Path".  Start with
your CD and DVD and change them to the letter you want.

In this same utility, you can create the logical drives, format them and
assign them letters.

> 2. Since Lyn and I are the only users, should I set up a User under 
> the master user?

Pick what you want.  It would seem of little value to create separate
users unless you want different email, views, menus, etc.  We just use
one user.

> 3. Once I re-arrange the drive letters, how do I move "MY DOCUMENTS" 
> "MY PICTURES" "MY whatever" to the appropriate partition? Drag and 
> Drop?
You can right click on "My Documents:, etc. and select Properties and
then select the location where you want them.

> 4. Same question for "MY PROGRAMS", can this be moved?, can the items 
> presently in it be moved? How?
Don't know.  Have not tried to do that and would be very hesitant to do
so.  It's a pretty special folder, though you can probably do it if you
try really hard.


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