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  • Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 20:50:33 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

jtee asked in her log today for Mica Trails if there were any other caches 
around here on nice hiking trails.

Remote Sensor will tell you how much he likes The Spit ;) but that's not 
really on a hiking trail. It's on a beach.

If you are looking for long walks through the forest, there are lots of 
nice provincial parks and conservation areas around Kingston. I think we 
live in the best part of Ontario, as far as pretty scenery goes.

The nicest caches Root and I have been to are:

GC2200 Divergence Returns Again in Frontenac Park.

GC8B1 Surf & Turf #2 in Charleston Lake Provincial Park. This one is 
archived, but you can still do the hike and see the view. And there are 
some other caches in the same park.

GC5938 Long Way from Home Depot in Depot Lakes Conservation Area. Diamond 
After the Rough is very nice too, but it's out of commission right now.

GC5F3D On the Rocks in Foley Mountain Conservation Area.

GCKXPX Marble Rock on the Marble Rock Hiking Trails

GC4BD2 Deliverance has some nice parts along the Rideau Trail, but also 
has some sections of walking along the road.

I also recommend our Loads of Toadstools cache on the Rideau Trail. I'm 
sure there are more nice caches further up the Rideau Trail towards Smith 
Falls, but Root and I haven't been up that far yet.


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