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I have been to two Restaurants in Kingston that would fit the bill that I
know of, one is Aunt Lucy's(they have a separate room and cubicles) and the
other is Doffer's(they have a kids playroom).

Hey, those rare earth magnets are awsome and I know if you use a little
Liquid Nails they will attach to certain metal structures like you won't
believe(nudge, nudge, wink, wink).  I too think it is about time you layed a
few caches myself.

I unfortunatly got nothing for geocaching this year : (  maybe next year.


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> As usual I'm up to my ears in work and academics.  I have been thinking
> for a while that a event meet and greet would be appropriate about now.
> It is posted as an event cache so all the new cachers would see it, also
> we can put on the KAG info like we did for splash down.  I thinking a
> local restaurant in Feb., but as I said I am just too busy now to phone
> around.  Anybody want to help out?  If not I will get to it in about two
> weeks.
> Re: presents under the tree;
> I gave Bluelamb a geocaching tee shirt, and he gave me: A container of
> rare earth magnets (two of which are now on the poker container, I want
> them back after the game), Two custom painted and stencilled geocaching
> ammo cans, one custom micro container.
> He is giving me subtle hints about actually putting some caches out
> there, soon BL soon.
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