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I received the following email today about a fundraising event in Sudbury for the Rainbow Routes Association. According to their website, <http://www.rainbowroutes.com/>, they manage the Trans Canada Trail in Sudbury. The message had two MS Word attachments. I cut and pasted the text from them below.


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My name is Ted Keenan. I am a board member of a not for profit group called Rainbow Routes Association. We are having a fundraising event in Sudbury, called Geocache Hike and Seek and will be held June 3rd. It is an all day event - teams of 4 for $100. This will be a poker run style. There will be prizes.

Attached are the details.

Will you post this event on your site? or at least forward the information to your group.

---------- geocache hide and seek details ----------

Geocache Hike and Seek

This is the first ever geocaching one day event in Sudbury taking place on Saturday, June 3, 2006 at 9am to 5:30 pm at Fielding Memorial Park. It is entitled Geocache Hike and Seek.
Registration is $100 for a team of four. The idea is that one of the four will have a GPS unit to use. It is a great event for families, coworkers, and friends to compete. All registrations will take place at Ramakko.s. People will be able to pay by cash, cheque made out to Rainbow Routes, visa or MasterCard.
9am to 10 am will be last minute registrations, discussion, of rules to the event with competitors, question and answer with Ramakko staff, official opening by a City Councilor.
10am to 4pm teams will be given coordinates to 5 caches along three to four different trails. Once found each team will take out one sealed envelope from each of the 5 caches. Inside each is a playing card. The best poker hands will win prizes.
Then they must come back to Fielding Memorial Park to hand them in, whereby they will be given 3-5 GPS coordinates on a trail that is more challenging. This will be the bonus round. Each individual will have the opportunity to take one sealed envelope out of each of the caches and return with them sealed to Fielding Memorial Park by 4pm. Inside each of these, will be something different . free-shirt, other instant prizes, perhaps one wild card per box,
4pm to 5:30pm
Closing remarks, thank-yous., announcement of winners, clean up etc..

To add to this:
At about 1:30pm I will have Peter Beckett putting on an organized walk starting at Fielding Memorial Park. This is in partnership with Rainbow Routes and the Heart Health Coalition.
June 3rd is International Trails Day. Ontario Provincial Park Association is putting a push on to get people on trails in June. And the Ontario Trails Council is having a theme of, Ontario Trails: Yours to Explore, and runs May 28th to June 3rd 2006. There is even talk by the Ontario Trails Council to making it a Guinness Book of Records event to get the most number of people on a trail on June 3rd.
Chris Howald, a massage therapist, will be on hand giving massages in return for donations to Rainbow Routes, throughout the day.
M&M meats will be present with their barbecues throughout the day. It has been worked out so that a minimal fee will be charged for food, as the Heart Health Coalition will be helping out with costs as their part to the free organized walk.
Howard Johnson on Brady St. will be setting aside a block of rooms for this event for the discounted price of $88 per night for those who register prior to May 8th.

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Rainbow Routes Association has partnered with Ramakko.s and the City of Greater Sudbury for this 1st annual event of 2006. Don.t miss out.

Compete and win prizes

Teams of 4 required . co-workers, friends or family
Armed with your favorite GPS unit, you will be given coordinates to locate 5 playing cards. A bonus round for the serious competitors will follow.

Register at Ramakko.s.
$100 per team . takes place June 3rd at Fielding Memorial Park in Lively starting at 9am and finishing at 5:30pm.
Out of town guests, call Johnson on Brady St. They will be setting aside a block of rooms for this event for the discounted price of $88 per night for those who register prior to May 8th.

Support Rainbow Routes in its effort to promote and build trails throughout the Sudbury Region.
Contact Theodore Keenan at 705 675-8448 for more information. Or email at tedk@xxxxxxxxxx

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