[kag] GeoPoker coordinates correction and hint

  • From: Gordon Campbell <gordon@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kag@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 13:17:50 -0400

Argh. It would appear that my eTrex is having "issues". I used the
Gravity Standardization Net station in City Park to test it at lunch and
it claimed that the marked was 21m away while the GPS was sitting on top
of it. Grrrrr.

So, I trucked along to the micro and took three new readings. For some
reason, they're closer than yesterday. Mapquest has tehm on the right
side of the street at least.

N 44 13.575
W 76 29.378

Map's here:

Now, for the hint. For those who'd rather fly blind, it's encrypted like
on Geocaching.com:

Haqre n obneq orarngu gur oyrnpuref nybat gur svefg onfr yvar.

Decryption Key
(letter above equals below,
and vice versa)

Good luck! Have fun and I guess this explains the issues I've had with
speed accuracy and finding any actual caches lately. :-(

Oh, my server (cruachan.ca) is down at the moment, so I won't see any
replies until tonight at the earliest. Feel free to hassle me at



Gordon Campbell <gordon@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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