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  • From: Steve Landry <steve.landry@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 08:41:37 -0500

We are currently going through the same process this year as well. In the
past I¹ve used Holt: Modern Chemistry. When I came to Pratt they had just
selected new text the Spring before. They went with Holt: Visualizing
Matter. Holt has since replaced it with Holt Chemistry. It isn¹t too bad and
has plenty of resource materials that go along with the text particularly on
the technology side. Glencoe also has a text I¹m looking at. It is title
Chemistry: Matter and Change. I really like the organization of it. It also
has plenty of resources that will be useful. What I also like about it, is
that if you have Spanish students that do not understand English very well
the Glossary has both the English and Spanish terms with their definitions
in both languages. They also have a guided reading audio program (CD) that
provides comprehensive content in both English and Spanish. This would be a
great benefit for slow readers and ESL students you may have.  There are
other Spanish resources as well. The only draw back is that the current
edition is a 2005 copyright, so I imagine they¹ll be updating in the next
couple of years. So, as of now the 2 I¹m looking at the closest are
Holt:Chemistry and Glencoe: Matter and Change.
My older brother teaches Chemistry in a large school district in Florida.
They adopted the Glencoe: Matter and Change for this year. He has really
liked it. 
We are having Representatives from the Holt, Glencoe/McGraw Hill, and
Prentice Hall come out next month to give presentations. I should learn a
lot more then.
Let me know if I can be of further help.

Steve Landry
Pratt High school

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> Rachel posted this to the KACT listserv a day or two ago...but because I typed
> in her address wrong on the ListServ set-up, it didn't go through...so here it
> is! :)
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> We are looking for new text books for next year. We use the Holt modern
> chemistry now, which is an ok book, but want to look at other options.
> What books do you use that you like?
> rachel_dougherty@xxxxxxxxxx

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