[KACT] Re: Replacement for Bunsen Burners

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Dear Penny,  When I have needed a bunsen burner and there was none
available, I have used the butane type of burners with the disposable
refills.  They work well, and work for flame tests too. Flinn has AP1032
Portable Lab Burner $45.71 each, AP1033 is replacement burner cartridge
at $12.31 each.  Ask for a quantity discount.  Hope this helps.  Susan


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We found out our gas delivery system in our rooms is in need of
replacement.  We have two nice lab rooms that really don't need
remodeling so we are thinking of going to an alternative to Bunsen
burners.  Specifically, we are considering the electric Bunsen burner
found in the Daigger catalog.  They are expensive, but not as expensive
as remodeling two lab rooms.  Has anyone seen these?  Can you do flame
tests with them?


Penny Blue
Physics Instructor
Lyons High School
Lyons, KS 67554

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