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I got this email yesterday.thought I'd pass it along!  I saw a presentation
about it last year when I was in Florida and they teachers that had been in
the pilot group had only good things to say about it!





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Subject: ACS High School Chemistry Clubs


Dear Kelly,

Would you be able to assist me in getting the word out about ACS High School
Chemistry Clubs to high school chemistry teachers in Kansas? Any assistance
you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I have included information
about this program below.



ACS High School Chemistry Clubs


The mission of the ACS-Sponsored High School Chemistry Clubs is to invite,
motivate and encourage high school students who are fascinated by the many
ways that chemistry connects to their world. With the assistance of the ACS,
these clubs are designed to provide fun, authentic, and hands-on
opportunities for its members to: 


experience chemistry beyond what is taught in the classroom, learn about
study and career opportunities in the many and varied fields of chemistry,
and provide service for the betterment of their communities. 


Each Chemistry Club will be different, based on the needs, interests and
demographics of the school in which it resides. However, we know that
getting started and continuing can be difficult. So, the Education Division,
through the Office of High School Chemistry provides some resources for each
ACS-Sponsored High School Chemistry Club. First, each club receives a
start-up handbook. This handbook includes a charter application, sample
bylaws, information about ACS-sponsored activities such as Chemists
Celebrate Earth Day and NCW, ideas for service-learning activities, protocol
for inviting speakers, safety documents and fun laboratory investigations.
Also provided are documents such as "How to Organize Your High School
Chemistry Club" and "Steps to Establishing Your High School Chemistry Club."
The handbook also includes information on undergraduate study in chemistry,
careers in chemistry, and contact information for both Student Affiliates
Chapters and Local Sections. 


Subsequent mailings go out to each club during the year. These include
information about new activities, current ACS activities and other
information of interest. Chartered clubs (clubs who complete a short
application form confirming their intent to participate) receive additional
resources such as banners, ChemMatters mini-subscriptions, t-shirts, a
framed charter document, and more. 


The program's goal is to have 100 clubs during 2007-2008, the final year of
the pilot program - we certainly welcome your involvement! 


Please provide your name, email address, school name and school mailing
address by emailing t_taylor@xxxxxxx; we will put you on the 2007-2008
roster. You will begin receiving information during the summer of 2007. If
there are other questions that you would like to have addressed, please feel
free to contact me



Terri M. Taylor

Manager, Office of High School Chemistry

Education Division

American Chemical Society

1155 Sixteenth Street N.W.

Washington, DC 20036

202-872-6341 (phone)

202-833-7732 (fax)



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