[k3] Thinking Back

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 11:52:46 EDT

With Young Learners it is sometimes hard to help them think back to "long 
ago" -- sometimes just the beginning of the school term seems so long ago ... 
here are a couple of sites which are fun to use to spark interest, discussion 
learning about a time longer ago than just the school term!
From the BBC - Barnaby asks students to find the items in the farm scene 
which would not have been there 100 years ago (cars, tractors, water taps) -- 
simple explanations are included.

Here is one example of a time to perhaps turn off the sound -- it has some 
rather tiring cow sounds which seem to have no bearing on the activity. The 
activity involves looking at a "historical" object and then match it with a 
day version -- an old clock matches with a digital clock for example.

What web resources do you use/like for history with young learners?  Please 

Gail Lovely
independent educator

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