[k3] Helping Katrina's Survivors

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  • Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 14:10:16 EDT

As a resident of Houston Texas I see everyday evidence of the hugeness of  
Katrina's wake. So many people are grappling with how to help and what to  do.
Imagine a world without books -- so many books have been ruined by water,  
washed away by flooding, blown away with the winds -- donating books to 
 shelters and even families is such a powerful gift.
There is a charity called First Book which works year round to help be  
certain that children from impoverished homes have NEW books of their very  
now in this time of great need First Books is also helping put books back  
into the hands of children (and adults) in the stricken areas of the  
Southeastern United States.
First Book (_www.FirstBook.org_ (http://www.FirstBook.org) ) is a  
well-respected charity, earning top rankings from Forbes and Charity Navigator  
as well. 
(One thing this means is more than 98% goes into program, not into  
administration and fundraising.)
They are asking for monetary donations and list on their site that $250  
would provide a classroom library for a displaced class, $100 would provide  
for children in a shelter and $50 would send children from one family home  
with "an armload of books".
Perhaps if you do book orders with your students they could each donate the  
cost of one book and that could be donated to First books, or a bake sale or  
"read-a-thon" could raise money....
Just thought I would share this idea with all of you --
Gail Lovely
independent educator

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