[k3] Cooties in your future?

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  • Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 23:20:25 EDT

Hello All!
Recently I had a request for a pattern for "Cootie Catchers" or "Fortune  
Tellers" and, while there are many online examples, I thought it would be nice  
to make a template which could be created on a computer... SO..... I have  
created a PowerPoint template/tool for making either handwritten (or drawn)  
Cootie Catchers or computer-created Cootie Catchers... in addition I have  
links and other resources related to these fun tools!
This new resource is on my website under the "Resources" tab -- it is  
currently labeled "NEW!" so it is easy to find in the "Teacher Tools" section 
the Resources Page. It is a PowerPoint file and will need to be SAVEd to your  
computer and then opened in PowerPoint to make it the most useful for you.  If 
you don't have PowerPoint and need me to send you a pdf version, please email  
_www.GailLovely.com_ (http://www.GailLovely.com) 
Thanks a lot! Have fun!
Gail Lovely
independent educator
_www.GailLovely.com_ (http://www.GailLovely.com) 
_glovely@xxxxxxxx (mailto:glovely@xxxxxxx)  

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