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Subject: Education World Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 1
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Education World Weekly Newsletter

Volume 8 Issue 1
January 6, 2004


Dear Education Professionals,

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Bring the world to your classroom! The best teachers never stop learning about
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Word Wall "Active-ities" Build Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing Skills
A classroom word wall has many uses. A wide variety of activities and games can 

be used to reinforce vocabulary words on the wall -- and to build students'
vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills. Included: Teachers share favorite 
wall activities.

Writing Bug: Reporting Live from...
You are a newspaper reporter at an historic event. Write about your experience
that day.

5-Minute Fillers
Quick activities when you have five minutes to spare -- Volume 20.

Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plan: Gold Rush California and Its Diverse Population
Roselyn Wang, a student at the University of the Pacific in Stockton,
California, submitted this week's lesson, in which students compare the
population of California today and at the start of the Gold Rush in the 1850s.

Internet Scavenger Hunt
What causes the four seasons?

Winter Lessons
Ed World's archive of seasonal ideas.

Martin Luther King
Honor Dr. King with lessons, activities.


Dr. Fred Jones' Tools for Teaching
Weaning the Helpless Handraisers: Part 3 Teaching to the Physical Modality
Say, See, Do Teaching, says Dr. Fred Jones, reduces many of the learning and
behavior problems that teachers face every day, by attacking structural 
that underlie the more common "bop 'til you drop" teaching approach.

Strategies That Work: Playground Maps
A large-scale map painted on playground asphalt "provides a 'clean slate' on
which students can do all kinds of activities," says Ed Bonne, known in schools 

throughout the United States as "The Playground Map Guy." Students can practice 

place-name and location geography as they use tempura paints to paint major
political, physical, or other geographic information on the map. State names 
their capitals are usually a good first activity to do with students? but there 

are many more.

Dr. Ken Shore's Classroom Problem Solver
The Note Passers
Passing notes is a time-honored method of classroom communication. Although not 

a serious problem, it suggests that the students are not paying attention. Note 

passing also can disrupt lessons and trigger conflict. Six tips for dealing 
classroom note passers.

Voice of Experience: Teacher, Alias Telementor
Opportunity is often difficult to recognize and it frequently takes the form of 

an interruption or additional work. This week, Brenda Dyck shares a teaching
opportunity that opened her eyes to the potential we have to influence students 

via the Internet.

Teacher Feature: Starring Alison Murphy
Sixth graders cook up "Chicken Soup for the Holiday Soul!"

Teacher Diary: On the Road to National Certification
Five new teacher diarists invite you to join them on the road to National

Contests and Competitions
Christopher Columbus Awards spark kids' solutions to community problems.


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Educators Review Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever, by N-LITER Inc., a toolbar that downloads to Internet
Explorer, allows users to search for and collect online information and then 
notes to or highlight the desired Web pages. The software then automatically
copies the Web page contents to the user's hard drive. When the online
researcher wants to retrieve the information, Golden Retriever "fetches" the
saved page(s), complete with the personal annotations. Highlighted pages also
can be e-mailed, allowing the user to share the results of the research or to
forward the information to another computer.

Sites to See: Poetry
Teachers use poetry to teach literature, to enrich students' vocabulary and
spark their imaginations, and to add interest to more mundane lessons. The
poetry sites below provide teachers and students with practical help for 
poetry, resources for poet studies, and opportunities to experience the sheer
pleasure of reading poetry.

A Techtorial: Holiday Worksheets With Word
Make your own worksheets with Microsoft Word.

Cool School of the Week
Trotwood-Madison City Schools, Trotwood, OH.

The Inter-Activity Center
Flat Stanley helps students explore the world.


Uniting Against Cheating
When students began to complain about the level of cheating at Staples High
School in Westport, Connecticut, principal John J. Brady knew it was time to
face the issue directly. Now faculty, students, and parents are working 
to change the mindset about cheating.

No Educator Left Behind: Math Achievement
This series helps educators understand the impact of the federal No Child Left
Behind Act.  This week: How can the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act help 
student math achievement?

News Scoops: Education News Headlines for Busy Educators
1. School Installs Face-Scanning Technology -- A Phoenix, Arizona, middle 
has installed a face-scanning system to identify registered sex offenders and
children who have been reported missing.
2. West, Midwest, Have Most H.S. Graduates -- Rural Western and Midwestern U.S. 

states have the highest percentages of residents with high school
diplomas.Wyoming is tops with 90.2 percent.
3. District Sues Over NCLB Requirements -- The Reading (Pennsylvania) School
District is the first in the U.S. to sue a state education department over No
Child Left Behind requirements. Reading officials claim they face unfair
4. IQs May Be Better College Selectors -- Research recently released in Great
Britain indicated that IQ-type tests could be better predictors of how students 

will perform in college than national exams.
5. Taking Aim at School Bullies -- The departments of Education and Health and
Human Services have announced plans to launch a $3.4 million campaign to put an 

end to bullying in U.S. schools. The program, which is expected to begin next
year, will identify bullying as a public health issue.


Signaling an End to Classroom, Cafeteria Chatter
Some teachers are finding that mini traffic lights are as effective at
regulating classroom conversation levels as the real signals are at controlling 

traffic flow. Devices such as the teacher-created Yacker Tracker tell students
when to put the brakes on their chatter.

How I Handled A Student-With-a-Broken-Leg Emergency
Last week, I received a walkie-talkie transmission from a physical education
teacher. A boy had fallen on our basketball courts. It was possible he had
broken a leg. The situation was handled efficiently thanks to the fact that we
had a workable emergency plan in place.

Principal Profile
Karen I. Hodges, Brockton Christian School, a PreK ­ 8 school in Brockton,
Massachusetts (119 students).

Teacher as Researcher grants fund classroom literacy studies.

Conventions and Conferences
What's coming up?

Coaching Sparks Change in Boston Schools
In schools, as in business or government, accomplishing change is never easy. 
1996, Boston schools embarked on a rigorous, multi-year "whole-school change"
initiative. All of Boston's public schools are now part of that change effort,
which is driven by the learning needs of students in each school. Whole-school
change, literacy, and math coaches have been deployed throughout the system to
train and support Boston educators. Recently, Education World spoke with
administrators, lead coaches, and a teacher for a close-up look at how this
coaching approach is working in Boston.

50 Signs Your School Is a Great School!
The events of September 11 shook America. But the horrible attack also made
Americans pause to recognize the daily heroic efforts of our public servants -- 

including our firefighters, police officers, transit workers, and teachers!
Education World thought this would be an appropriate time to focus on the good
news in our schools. So we invited our Principal Files principals to share the
great things that are happening in their schools -- and share they did!

Free math help online, and much more.

Web English Teacher
Super site for language arts.

Education World®

Do your Students, Teachers, Administrators, Tech Eds
need to know where to go for great online resources
for the arts? Integrate the arts into the classroom.





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