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Education World Lessons Newsletter

Volume 5, Issue 43
October 29, 2003


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Make This Week's Lessons Pop(corn)!
Add a little pop to your week -- popcorn, that is. The lesson plans 
below will engage students as they create popcorn timelines, maps, and 
graphs; do popcorn science and math; explore popcorn history and 
nutrition; and munch leftover popcorn snacks too!

The five lessons that comprise this week's Lesson Planning resource 
are listed below. (Approximate grade levels for each lesson are 
indicated in parentheses.)

Popcorn Geography
Use corn kernels to create a "Top Corn-Producing States" map. (Grades 

Popcorn History
Research/create a timeline of the history of popcorn. (Grades 3-12)

Popcorn Math
Use popcorn to teach a number of K-8 math concepts. (Grades K-8)

Popcorn Nutrition
Read a snack nutrition chart and answer questions. (Grades 3-8)

Popcorn Science
Five simple experiments demonstrate what makes popcorn pop. (Grades 

PLUS -- twenty more popcorn lessons found on the Net!


Writing Bug: Parent for a Day
What if you could change places with your parents for a day? What 
changes would you make at home?

Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plan: Digital Scavenger Hunt
VaReane Heese, who teaches at Springfield Elementary School in 
Springfield, Nebraska, submitted this week's lesson in which student 
teams, armed with digital cameras, take photos of scavenger hunt items 
and use the photos to create a slideshow.

5-Minute Fillers: Volume 13
Quick activities for those moments when you have 5 or 10 minutes to 

Internet Scavenger Hunt: Daylight Saving Time  
Why do we have daylight saving time?

A Techtorial: Students Writing Hyperfiction
Learn about one of the latest trends in student writing -- 
hyperfiction. Hyperfiction, like fiction, is a non-factual body of 
text; hyperfiction, however, contains hyperlinks that allow readers to 
choose where to go next and what to explore further.
November Coloring Calendar
Plus 25 ideas for using the calendar in the classroom to help 
reinforce students' basic skills.


********* NEW!!! Fred Jones's Tools for Teaching **********
Weaning the Helpless Handraisers, Part 1: Reinforcing Helplessness
Ah, the helpless handraisers -- those students whose hands are waving 
in the air no matter what you do or say. Do you have a few in your 
class? You can break the cycle, says Fred Jones, and turn helpless 
handraisers into independent learners.

November Fun!
Check out November's Month of Fun calendar from Education World. Each 
day, find a link to an interactive puzzle, learning game, or craft 
that will engage students while reinforcing important skills.

Strategies That Work: "Design Your Own Homework"
Teacher Valerie Grimes of Phoenix, Arizona, discovered a unique way to 
add interest to homework assignments and get parents involved. Once a 
month, students design their own assignments -- be it cooking, 
shopping, or a trip -- and report to the group about their activities. 
"The kids never fail to astonish me with their original ideas!" said 

Dr. Ken Shore's Classroom Problem Solver
Dr. Ken Shore offers 13 tips for dealing with students who leave the 
classroom without permission.

Teacher Feature
Teacher Kay Jackson found many of her students didn't have the 
literary vocabulary necessary to discuss such topics as plot, 
characterizations, and motivation. "To bring them up to speed, I used 
picture books?" Learn more about Jackson's unique strategy.

Speak Up Day
Students from across the United States "get a first-hand lesson in 
civics and learn how to effectively participate in a democracy" as 
they go online to share their ideas on how technology can be used to 
support their education.

In the spotlight this week: Prudential Spirit of Community Awards


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Pick a Pumpkin Activity!
Pumpkins are the ultimate October icons -- the fruit of the month, if 
you will. (Yes! Pumpkins are a fruit.) This month, celebrate pumpkins 
with these across-the-curriculum activities. Included: Art, science, 
language, and math activities.

Why Teach Current Events?
Why bother teaching current events? The research indicates that a 
regular dose of current events has a multitude of benefits! Included: 
Activity ideas and Internet resources for teaching current events!

How Teachers View Technology
A recent survey measured the role that computer technology plays in 
today's classroom. This article highlights the results of that survey 
and the meaning of those results. Included: Statistics on the 
correlation among teacher training, years of service, technology use.

Teacher Templates
Communicate with parents by snail mail or e-mail with these editable 
and printable forms and letters. Included: Conference Notice and 
Questionnaire, Volunteer Letter, Field Trip Permission Form, Weekly 
Report, Midterm Report, Quick Quip (positive), Parent Communication 
Log, more.

Stop Bullying Now!
Education World offers lesson plans designed to teach students to 
respect diversity and resolve ideological differences peacefully. 
Included: Ten activities for teaching kids about empathy, anger 
management, and effective conflict resolution.

Don't Waste a Minute!
What do you do with those awkward moments that arise in every 
teacher's day, those times between classes or before specials, when 
there's no time for a new lesson but plenty of time for kids to act 
up? Try some mini lessons, quick activities that fill time without 
wasting it! Included: Dozens of mini lessons to keep kids busy -- and 
learning -- every minute of the day!


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* Native Americans
* Geography Awareness Week
* Thanksgiving
* Book Week

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