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NHN: Net Happenings Newsletter #3

NEW THIS WEEK for November 2, 2004

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Net Happenings Newsletter, launched by the Educational=20
CyberPlayGround, written by Classroom Teacher Alan Haskvitz. This=20
newsletter features a new format with the emphasis on both news and=20
resources. Karen Ellis* Founder of the Educational CyberPlayGround will=20
continue to carry the sponsorship of Net Happenings Newsletter which is=20
published to all members of the NetHappenings Mailing List. Advertisers are=
welcomed as sponsors of the oldest K-12 educational mailing list in the=20
world. If you have any comments or would like to sponsor the NetHappenings=
Newsletter or mailing list please contact her.


Alan Haskvitz
1997 National Teacher's Hall of Fame Inductee
1999 All USA Today First Team Teacher
1994 National Middle Level Teacher of the Year (NCSS)
[e] newsletter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In This Issue
In the News
Valuable Sites


Carolyn Kotlas <kotlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
CIT INFOBITS October 2004 No. 76 ISSN 1521-9275 10/29/04

After a long career in education, Gleason Sackmann retired this year.
In 1998, he was awarded the SIG/Tel Educational Telecomputing Outstanding=20
Service Award, and in 1996, he was rated #10 on NEWSWEEK's prestigious List=
of "50 People Who Matter."
Over the years, Sackmann moderated several important newsletters for=20
educators: K12 NEWSLETTERS, NETWORK NEWSLETTERS, and NEW-LIST. From 1993 to=
2004, he published NET-HAPPENINGS. Net-Happenings covers conference=20
announcements, calls for papers, network resource announcements,=20
newsletters, and network tool updates. Over 9,000 individuals currently=20
subscribe, with many more readers through the website and mail=
Net-Happenings will continue publication under the direction of Karen=20
Ellis, founder of the Educational CyberPlayGround website. As one who has=20
benefited from Gleason Sackmann's work over the years (including his=20
distribution of Infobits in his publications), I would like to express my=20
appreciation for his tremendous contribution to the educational and=20
Internet communities.

- For more information about Gleason Sackmann, see

- For more about Net-Happenings or to subscribe, see

- For more about CyberPlayGround and its other publications and services

Election Day Vote - An Excellent Election Guide to all major races.=20
Includes who has the money, previous elections, and more. By state.=20

A list of integrated sites for the election and the process here=20

Posting all of the litigation documents for all of the election law=20
disputes as they arise go to

American Routes All eyes are on the 2004 election.  Music & Politics=20
special, lend your ears to the democratic process as we bring you songs by=
and about politicians

The very last page of the Whole Entire Internet=20
  "It does not matter who votes that counts; it is who counts the votes."=20
Joseph Stalin

Wi-Fi 'sniper rifle' debuts at DEFCON Conventional Wi-Fi aerials are all=20
well and good but they don't really cut it if you want to impress fellow=20
hackers and scare the general populace.=20

NetLife Exclusive: Security hole found in Gmail
An Israeli hacker reveals: A security hole in Gmail allows the compromise=20
of users' email boxes =AD without the need of a password=20

Global Warming and Your Mutual Fund Are you investing in the future of the=
Earth? Find out if the mutual funds you are holding are investing in=20
companies that are destroying the environment. A great site for students=20
and educators.

Here is a Well Kept Secret From Britian, this little known site offers some=
excellent lessons from a British point of view. This lesson is designed to=
make the abstract ideas of BC and AD and centuries more comprehensible and=
whey some years are counted backwards.

Where the Men Aren't
The percentage of public school teachers who are men ranges from state to=20
state but isn't higher than 38 percent in any state, according to figures=20
from the 2002-03 school year. Rank/State/Percent of male teachers 1.=20
Massachusetts 37.9 4. Indiana 31.6 18. Ohio 26.8 44. Kentucky 21.4 51.=20
South Carolina 17.5 Source: National Education Association


Online Education: "DIPLOMA MILLS"
The Automation of Higher Education a history of how college tuition became=
so expensive and the reach of the military-academic complex. "Tuition began=
to outpace inflation in the early 1980's, at precisely the moment when=20
changes in the patent system enabled the universities to become major=20
vendors of patent licenses."

The Digital Divide
Digital andGender Equity Resources

K-12 Teachers Classroom Law
What is Legal for Parents, Teachers, Administrators, HomeSchoolers,=20
Plagiarism, Copyright, CopyLeft, Security, Family Rights,=20

Interdisciplinary Curriculum
K-12 Folk arts, Interent pioneers, science and seemless curriculum ideas,=20
Ham radio & wireless, Music Ideas for classroom use,
First Nation resources, Security Crisis Curriculum, Interdisciplinary=

What's a Wiki?
A wiki is a site that allows anyone to modify the content of a site using=20
an interfaced browser. It is sort of like a Dutch Auction. It is most fun=20
and is supposed to be more neutral in content. A great idea. Take a look. I=
think your students might want to make a name for themselves.=20

I Love to Write Day.
November 15 will mark the third anniversary of I Love To Write Day. This is=
an opportunity for students and others to write something: a poem, an=20
essay, a letter to the editor, a short story, or whatever. Last year, we=20
signed up 12,007 schools.

Hands-Free Phones Dangerous, Too?
Even hands-free cellular telephones are a dangerous distraction for=20
drivers, according to the Detroit News. The News says a National Highway=20
Traffic Safety Administration preliminary report shows that the hands-free=
systems require drivers to take more time dialing, which could prove even=20
more dangerous. "The evidence is overwhelming that using a cell phone is a=
distraction, and the risk is pretty substantial," said Dr. David Strayer.

Awesome site for getting information on an URL from just about every=20
viewpoint from cache to ranking to developers. Worth a look=20

Search A Local Index of Pages With Recall Toolbar This site can help search=
your browser history and more.

Links to interactive math sites If you teach math or know someone who needs=
to see how technology can help use this site to find a nice listing of=20
interactive math relates links. The site is broken down by grades, topics,=
and is easy to use.=20

Mythmatical Battles
is a dueling card game for two players or two teams. This resource combines=
mythology and multiplication to create a learning game which lets students=
learn multiplication while engaging in mythological battles.=20

ESL Teachers and Schools and Jobs
This site allows teachers to publish, look for jobs, seek help from others,=
find resources,  and it is global.
More diverse ESL helpful ideas and lessons are at

The Wall Street Journal
is offering its content for free from November 8th for five days. Of=20
course, most newspapers have it free all the time.=20

Organ Transplant Lessons
Sometimes students take good health for granted. Here is a resource that=20
offers lesson plans that could save a life.=20

First Science
Here is a website that has unique, integrated, and interesting lessons on=20
most every aspect of science. Listed by topic=20

Read my car reviews of all the new models.
See what it is hot and what is not.=20


The Braitmayer Foundation supports programs that enhance the education of=20
K-12 students through curricular and school reform initiatives,=20
professional development for teachers, and local community efforts. Its=20
grants, which range in size up to $35,000, are to be used as seed money,=20
challenge grants, or to match other grants to the recipient organization.=20

Looking for integrated lesson plans and ides. Does this listing have=20
appeal? Folk arts, First Nation resources, Seamless curriculum ideas, Black=
Hisory Month, Internet Pioneers and much more try click on=20

A nice list of them.

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and thanks for reading

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