McREL Standards and Benchmarks / 2005 Summer Workshops by the Dept of Ed.

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National Children's Folksong Repository Project

An historic electronic online archive of children's folk songs.
A public folklore project built by the children of the United States
and territories.
Children pick up the Phone and SING OR CHANT
(SAY) THEIR SONG. It's simple.
Children are our unknown culture makers and they get to record and
save their songs, then submit them into the database so that they
can hear themselves on the net. They collect history, and they will
make history at the same time. Contributions make them netizens.
They are doing this for the world. Using the internet and technology
allows them to record their personal knowledge. This is their contribution.
And we all know what's personal is political, so we all help to raise
future citizens who will care about the net.
Teachers can get the idea by watching the streaming video.


4th Edition of McREL's Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks Now Available
McREL's Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks is a compilation of content
standards for K-12 curriculum in both searchable and browsable formats. As
part of the ongoing effort to provide the best of current information
related to standards, we have completed a significant update of the
standards database. The 4th edition online database includes the following
features and additions: browsable topics; knowledge/skill statements;
revised vocabulary terms; and prekindergarten benchmarks.

2005 Summer Workshops
Building on the success of last year's teacher workshops, the U.S.
Department of Education will again host a series of workshops for teachers
and principals in summer 2005.  Some of the nation's best teachers and
researchers will share their strategies for raising student achievement and
informing teachers of the latest, successful research-based practices.  The
upcoming Teacher-to-Teacher Summer Workshops will be geared toward K-12
teachers and principals, and the subjects covered will be evenly distributed
among elementary and secondary school instruction.  Breakout sessions will
cover the content areas of literacy/reading, mathematics, science, history
and the arts.  Additional sessions will be held on school leadership, the No
Child Left Behind Act, IDEA, using data effectively, and many other topics
and strategies that can enable all levels of students - high-performing,
average and low-performing - to improve academically.

The 2005 Summer Workshops will be held in six cities: Cincinnati, Ohio (June
20-22); Phoenix, Arizona (June 27-29); Minneapolis, Minnesota (July 11-13);
Tampa, Florida (July 18-20); Bethesda, Maryland (July 25-27); and San Jose,
California (August 1-3).  Registration will open soon.  Please sign up for
Teacher Updates to receive updates regarding registration and visit

For attendees, the registration and the professional development sessions
are free of charge.  Meals and refreshments will be provided during
scheduled workshop activities, and participants are responsible for their
own transportation and lodging.

The Department is now accepting proposals from teachers and those who work
with teachers on a daily basis who would like to present at this conference.
For additional information, please visit


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