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********************************************************************** Librarians' Index to the Internet

NEW THIS WEEK for April 3, 2003

To read New This Week on the Web,  go to:

Resources related to the Iraq war:

Resources related to taxes:

To see over 11,000 other great resources, go to:

IN NEW THIS WEEK, below, and online at :

Another blockbuster, browsealicious week. Yes, we have sites related
to war, disease, and taxes. We also feature sites related to
Arbor Day, National Library Week, sign language, Dolly the sheep,
Wales, images of Lake Tahoe and Saint Petersburg, Sergi Prokofiev,  
the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive, and the popular garden plant, salvia.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Learn more about AIDS in Africa, Albrecht Durer, eyes, ice skating,
women, zoos, photographer Herbert Quick, fitness, the Korean War,
the Federal Register, and tobacco.

Karen G. Schneider, Director,
Martha, Wendy, Pat, Diana, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian,
& Charlotte... and our 100+ intrepid contributors!      

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               NEW THIS WEEK

ALA Fact Sheet: National Library Week/School
 Library Media Month
   Information about National Library Week, celebrated in
   April, including a list of the celebration dates for
   upcoming years. Provides the history of the celebration
   and links to library promotional events. National Library
   Week Themes lists past themes to National Library
   Weeks since 1958. From the American Library
   Association (ALA).
   Subjects: National Library Week ...
   Created by cdt

 A World of Salvias
   This illustrated, commercial site has a gallery with
   photos, descriptions, and ideal growing conditions for
   over 80 varieties of salvias (sages), which are popular
   garden plants notable for their variety of uses and
   attractiveness to hummingbirds. Other features include
   salvia flower structure, working with seeds, and links to
   botanic gardens, nurseries, organizations, and
   Subjects: Salvia...
   Created by ml

 Arbor Day
   The history of Arbor Day and a quick list of each state's
   Arbor Day celebration date and state tree, with links to
   photographs of some of the trees. Arbor Day dates
   vary from state to state, dependening on climate. Most
   are in March or April, but a few are in other months.
   Subjects: Arbor Day..
   Created by cdt

 Arbor Day
   Arbor Day history and news, and information about
   Idaho forests and trees. Includes activities for Idaho's
   Arbor Day, the last Friday in April. From Idaho Forest
   Products Commission
   Subjects: Arbor Day...
   Created by cdt

 ASL Spelling Study: The Alphabet
   A site designed for learning the one-handed manual
   alphabet used in American Sign Language (ASL). Study
   the alphabet by watching a large animated hand form
   letters as they would be seen by the person reading
   the spelling--not the speller. A timed test is available in
   which students click on the letter of the alphabet the
   hand is forming. An excellent resource for those who
   are just beginning to learn fingerspelling.
   Subjects: Finger spelling...
   Created by mrm

 Business and the War
   Collected news articles, analysis, and columns on
   domestic and international business issues related to
   or affected by the war in Iraq. Requires free, one-time
   registration to read full articles. From the New York
   Subjects: Iraq War, 2003- ...
   Created by cdt

 Caltech Library System: The Iraq Question
   A brief directory featuring links to relevant United
   Nations and federal documents, and a balanced
   collection of sites devoted to commentary about the
   Iraq War. From librarian George Porter, California
   Institute of Technology.
   Subjects: Iraq War, 2003- ...
   Created by kgs
 Dolly the Sheep
   A special Web issue from Nature magazine about "Dolly,
   the world's first animal to be cloned from an adult cell."
   The journal "reflects on the life of this extraordinary
   sheep, and presents an archive of articles and papers
   from the Nature family of journals, including original
   papers, news and features."
   Subjects: Cloning...
   Created by dl

 Dress the Chief
   This virtual paper doll is a burly Scots chief you can
   dress in kilts (choose one of three tartans) and outfit
   with bagpipes, a dog, flowers, weapons, or golf clubs.
   Place your Scotsman in a cottage, in woods by a loch,
   or in a meadow near a stone with mysterious Celtic
   markings. Complete the picture with more people, mice,
   quail, mushrooms, and other extras. May be printed or e-mailed.
   Subjects: Toys...
   Created by mrm

 East County Online
   This site features the weekly news from the Alpine Sun
   and the East County Californian, newspapers that serve
   the cities of Alpine, El Cajon, La Mesa, Lakeside, Lemon
   Grove, Santee, Spring Valley, and the smaller
   communities of the eastern region of San Diego County,
   California. Covers local news of each community and
   national news from the Associated Press. The
   searchable archives go back to late 2002.
   Subjects: Newspapers...
   Created by jh

 Health Canada: Severe Acute Respiratory
 Syndrome (SARS)
   Information and updates on SARS, including laboratory
   testing, biosafety advisories and infection control
   guidance for health care workers and others, travel
   warnings and advisories, current publications, and
   summaries of Canadian and international cases by
   date. Available in English and French. From Health
   Canada, a government site.
   Subjects: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome...
   Created by cdt

 Images of Lake Tahoe
   Dozens of high-quality images of Lake Tahoe that
   "represent a wide range of topics, activities,
   geographical regions, and time periods." Searchable
   and browsable. From the Special Collections
   Department, University Library, University of Nevada, Reno.
   Subjects: Tahoe, Lake (Calif. and Nev.)...
   Created by kgs

 Images of Saint Petersburg
   "About 900 images of Saint Pitersburg
   (Petrograd-Leningrad)" from the Churakov postcard
   collection of the National Library of Russia. Images can
   be browsed by time period (1900-1917 and
   1918-1941), or by location.
   Subjects: Saint Petersburg (Russia)...
   Created by smb

 International Committee of the Red Cross
 (ICRC): War in Iraq
   "This special page contains a selection of documents
   related to the ICRC and the war in Iraq." Searchable
   site includes special reports, FAQs, and links to more
   detailed infromation, mostly humanitarian related. Site
   available in English, French, and Spanish. News
   briefings, ICRC operational updates, and family
   networking information is also available in Arabic.
   Subjects: Iraq War, 2003- ...
   Created by cdt

 Internet Censorship Explorer
   "The Internet Censorship Explorer (ICE)...demonstrates
   state-sponsored content filtering and blocking by
   delivering the content of blocked URLs [Web
   addresses] to end users. After completing a query form,
   ICE will attempt to access the user-specified URL or
   domain using proxy servers located in the designated
   country." From The OpenNet Initiative and Citizen Lab.
   Subjects: Internet -- Censorship
   Created by kgs

 Iraq Coverage Resources
   Designed for journalists and regularly updated, this
   resource includes news from The Poynter Institute's
   embedded reporter, special articles and reports, a war
   and terrorism coverage discussion forum, and several
   e-mail newsletters and alerts available by sign-up. The
   site also has links to resources on the war with Iraq
   and related topics. From Poynter Online.
   Subjects: Iraq War, 2003- ...
   Created by cdt

 Library Philosophy and Practice
   "Peer-reviewed electronic journal that publishes articles
   exploring the connection between library practice and
   the philosophy and theory behind it. These include
   explorations of current, past, and emerging theories of
   librarianship and library practice, as well as reports of
   successful, innovative, or experimental library
   procedures, methods, or projects in all areas of
   librarianship, set in the context of applied research."
   Includes a browsable archive of full-text articles. From
   the University of Idaho Library.
   Subjects: Library science...
   Created by ct

 On the Web: Iraq Crisis
   A short, manageable directory of Web resources
   related to the Iraq war, including major news sites,
   information about homeland security, and resources for
   parents, teachers, and children. From Rebecca
   Schreiner and Jolene Carlson of the Suburban Library
   System Reference Service, Illinois.
   Subjects: Iraq War, 2003-...
   Created by kgs

 Postal Rates.Info
   A directory to mail information featuring rates, codes,
   philately (stamp collecting and study), and authorities
   around the world. There is also a directory of Internet
   Resources including a translator service, currency
   converter, search engines, country information, travel,
   computers, business, personal, entertainement,
   reference, news, emergency numbers, first aid and
   emergency care, and more.
   Subjects: Postal rates...
   Created by re

 Reference Guide to Geneva Conventions
   Includes history, guides, online and offline resources,
   an index to the conventions, the full text of the
   conventions, and text and information about other
   treaties. From the Society of Professional Journalists.
   Subjects: Geneva Conventions (1949)...
   Created by cdt

 Tales of the Tyrant
   In-depth biographical article on Saddam Hussein by
   Mark Bowden. Originally published in the May 2002
   issue of The Atlantic. From The Atlantic Monthly Group.
   Subjects: Hussein, Saddam, 1937- ...
   Created by cdt

 The Pill
   An exploration of the history and the physiological and
   social effects of the pill for women approved by the FDA
   as an oral contraceptive in 1960. This site is designed
   to supplement a PBS film presented as part of their
   American Experience television series.
   Subjects: Birth control -- History...
   Created by pf

 The Prokofiev Page
   This Web site is dedicated to the life and work of
   twentieth century composer and pianist Sergi Prokofiev.
   It has a biography, photographs, a descriptive list of
   works, and a list of recordings with reviews of
   recommended ones. The site also has a list of upcoming
   Prokofiev concerts, notes about musicians who have
   "championed" his works, interviews with musicians and
   others who knew him, a bibliography, and annotated
   links to related resources.
   Subjects: Prokofiev, Sergey, 1891-1953...
   Created by sf

 The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
   This site concerns the "the largest collection of Jewish
   documentary film footage in the world. The vaults
   contain material shot in Israel before and after the
   establishment of the State in 1948, motion picture
   records of many Jewish communities in the Diaspora
   and two special collections relating to the Holocaust."
   Users may browse a vintage poster collection and view
   selected movies online (requires Internet Explorer,
   Windows Media Player, and Flash). Includes links.
   Subjects: Film archives -- Israel -- Jerusalem...
   Created by bb

   Compiled daily from over three dozen online
   newspapers and magazines, this site distills the day's
   news, with a focus on the environment and the
   regional economy of the western bioregion: the coastal
   temperate rain forest from Alaska to California. Also
   features original reporting and commentary. Archived
   back to 1998 and searchable. Sponsored by the
   nonprofit, Portland-based organization, EcoTrust.
   Subjects: Pacific Coast (North America) -- Enviromental
   Created by dlb

 Today in History: The First Arbor Day
   The history of Arbor Day with vintage posters and
   related links. According to this site, "Nebraskans
   planted more than a million trees on April 10, 1872, in
   celebration of the first Arbor Day." From the American
   Memory Project of the Library of Congress.
   Subjects: Arbor Day...
   Created by cdt

 Travel During the War
   Collected news articles on travel as affected by the war
   in Iraq. Includes domestic and international links for
   related information. Requires free, one-time
   registration. From the New York Times.
   Subjects: Iraq War, 2003- ...
   Created by cdt

 Virus World
   This site features images of human, animal, and plant
   viruses, created from X-ray and Cryo-electron
   microscopy (CryoEM) data. Includes movies, magazine
   and book covers, posters, and postcards. Images can
   be browsed by individual virus name, but not by virus
   family. Also includes triangulation numbers,
   topographical maps, and other virus structure
   information. From the Institute for Molecular Virology,
   University of Wisconsin-Madison.
   Subjects: Virology...
   Created by mg

 Wales on the Web
   A searchable and browsable directory of high-quality
   Web sites offering material relating to Wales and all
   aspects of Welsh life. Organized as a subject gateway
   with topical headings, alphabetized listings, and
   categories based on the Dewey Decimal Classification
   system. Available in Welsh and English.
   Subjects: Wales...
   Created by dlb

 World Health Organization (WHO): Severe
 Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
   This site "has been created to provide the public and
   professionals information about Severe Acute
   Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The site will be updated
   daily to ensure that the most current information is
   available." It includes a FAQ, recommended measures
   related to international travel, and reports on cases
   and affected countries.
   Subjects: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome...
   Created by ha

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