Educational platforms for both candidates

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1)  Educational platforms for both candidates.

The summer political conventions are over and both the Democrats and
Republicans have adopted their party's education platforms. Read more about the
education proposals from each campaign in this inclusive side-by-side 
prepared by
Washington Partners LLC and the Alliance for Excellent Education.

  read more:

2)  U.S. falling behind in Education
By Ben Feller, AP Education Writer  |  September 14, 2004
WASHINGTON --A growing number of nations are doing a better job than the
United States in getting young people through high school and college, a study

Among adults ages 25 to 34, for example, the United States is 10th among
other industrialized nations in the share of its population that has a high 
degree. Eighty-seven percent of U.S. adults in that age group have at least a
high school education.

The 30-nation group develops the yearly rankings as a means for
industrialized nations to measure their education systems against those of 
their global
peers. Although titled "Education at a Glance," the yearly report has ballooned
into a 450-page compilation.

In the study, the older the population, the better the United States fares.
It remains first in high-school completion among adults age 55-64 and 45-54,
and fifth among adults age 35-44. Rest of article:

3) THIS IS THE 430 page report
E.D. and the federal bureaucracy the Report On the Net:
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: 


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