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Crooks R Us
Reading First program referred to Justice       
President Bush says NCLB is working, pointing to student-achievement
results from a single subsection of the National Assessment of
Educational Progress (NAEP) and tentative Reading First data.
The administration appears to ignore other data that suggest the
law has had little or no positive effect on achievement, report
David J. Hoff and Kathleen Kennedy Manzo.

Security IN A DISASTER what are the rules?
Command and Control Communications always breaks down

Does Your State have a Technology Plan?

Does Your Kid's School have a disaster plan?

Disasters can effect entire School Districts

Is there a school Incident Report?

Safe Schools and the CyberBully

Why we need public school.
The astute observations of Alexis de Tocqueville, who came to America
in 1832, remain a classic guide to America's success. He saw our
democracy as a beacon for the world. American prosperity and success,
he concluded, were based on several conditions unique to this society.
He believed that our system of public education provided the skills
and knowledge that citizens could employ to take advantage of in a
classless and mobile society. Even though the public school system is
far from perfect, public education remains the primary pillar
supporting American democracy. Citizen taxes do not just support
education of our own individual children. Taxes pay to undergird the
role public education plays in enhancing and extending democracy, and
in civilizing and enriching our society.

Student Violent Act Assessment
After every school shooting, the Center for Mental Health in Schools
at UCLA is asked about how schools should assess students who may be a
threat. The threat assessment approach asks the person conducting the
inquiry to gather information, and answer key questions about the
instant case, to determine whether there is evidence to suggest
movement toward violent action.  The American Academy of Pediatrics
also has assembled a collection of resources to help parents,
teachers, students, schools, and pediatricians cope with the aftermath
of this terrible event. Additional resources are provided on violence
prevention, school safety, and promoting mental health.

Schools can't do it all Parents must establish the importance of achievement.
Mary Schultz can think of no greater disservice to children than to
fail to equip them with a good education. A good education begins
before children enter school, with involved parents encouraging them
to learn and try new things. Once a child has entered the school
system, too often parents think it has become the school's job to
educate and promote education. Parents must set achievement standards
and be willing to help their children when additional support is needed.

Help Children Get Healthcare
Congress and President Bush must enact long overdue legislation, this
year, guaranteeing health and mental health coverage to all children.
The United States provides health care to all senior citizens,
although children are the least expensive and most cost-effective
group to cover.

Generation Y Teachers are in the Classroom Today
Generation Y, the 40 million people born between 1977 and 1986, is
dramatically changing the composition of today's teaching staffs.
Demographically, women continue to dominate the profession, but as
millions of baby boomers enter retirement age, the faces of today's
K-12 teachers are younger than ever.  Collaboration is rare.

Teacher Unions recommend state laws change.
Their 2007 report examines how school committees and teacher unions
are thwarted in local bargaining from overcoming the inadequacies of
state law, and recommends that state laws should be changed. Some
matters of great importance to a quality education for students should
be taken off the table, and no longer bargained away. The report
includes a set of policy recommendations and a series of elements that
teacher contracts should incorporate.

Making Writing Instruction a Priority in America?s Middle and High Schools

News and your 21st Century Media Skills
Ballads were responsible for spreading Literacy
On the New Politics of Knowledge
We are now confronting a new politics of knowledge,
with the rise of the Internet and particularly of the collaborative
Web­the Blogosphere, Wikipedia, Digg, YouTube, and in short every
website and type of aggregation that invites all comers to offer their
knowledge and their opinions, and to rate content, products, places,
and people. It is particularly the aggregation of public opinion that
instituted this new politics of knowledge.

NOVA: "Saved By the Sun"
As Earth heats up at a dangerous rate and fossil fuels become
scarcer, ordinary citizens and businesses are bypassing the federal
government to lead the way in exploring a clean, renewable source of
power: the sun. In this report, NOVA shines a light on how and why
people across America and the world are "going solar," using radiant
energy of the sun to power homes, businesses, and even entire
communities. But can everyday people really make a difference by
using solar power? And can solar technologies, with their high costs
and logistical challenges, truly play a bigger role in powering the
future of humanity? The grand hopes, latest innovations, roiling
controversies, and practical realities of solar power all come to the
fore in this program.

Space Weather News for April 20, 2007
3D Photos of the Sun to be released on April 23rd
3D SUN: On Monday, April 23rd, NASA will release for the first time 3-dimensional photos of the sun taken by a pair of spacecraft named STEREO. Magnetic loops, prominences and plumes will practically leap out of your computer screen. These images will be displayed on big screens at many museums and science centers around the USA and posted on the internet. You can get ready this weekend by buying or building some 3D glasses. WEEKEND METEORS: Earth is entering the dusty tail of Comet Thatcher, and this will cause a mild meteor shower this weekend. It's called the Lyrid meteor shower because the bits of incandescent comet dust appear to come from the constellation Lyra. The best time to look is during the dark hours before dawn on Sunday, April 22nd, and Monday, April 23rd, when you can expect to see a shooting star overhead every 5 minutes or so.

Grants for Women, Grants for Women & Girls
Business Plan Resources for Women,
Government Funding Resources Education Grants,
Scholarships & Loans, State Agency Phone Numbers for
Student Financial Aid, Federal Department of
Education Technology Grants, Arts

"Grants to Encourage Science Education"
Motorola Innovation Generation Grants provide funds for initiatives
that creatively generate a love of science early in life and show the
new generation of inventors that careers involving science and math
are important, challenging and possible. Priority will be given to
programs that incorporate Motorola employees as volunteers.
Maximum Award: $250,000
Eligibility: 501(c)3 organizations
Deadline: June 15, 2007

"Grants to Implement the Toyota Family Literacy Program"
The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) is seeking five school
districts to implement the Toyota Family Literacy Program. Direct
funding for school districts will allow for support, training,
education materials and assistance from NCFL to implement the program
for students in kindergarten through third grade.
Maximum Award: $600,000
Eligibility: communities with high or fast-growing Hispanic and
immigrant population
Deadline: May 9, 2007

"Grants to Enhance Learning About the Upper Ozone Layer"
The CAPCO Science Class Challenge is a classroom contest that
encourages students and teachers to learn about the Earth's protective
upper ozone layer, CFCs, and the environment by using the provided
activities or their own creative methods.
Maximum Award: $5,000
Eligibility: teachers grades 4-9
Deadline: May 14, 2007

"Grants for School Art & Music Programs"
The Airborne Teacher Trust Fund invites teachers throughout the
country to submit proposals for art and music programs their schools
are unable to fund.
Maximum Award: $10,000
Eligibility: elementary and middle school teachers from public and
private schools
Deadline: April 30, 2007

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