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Improving literacy through arts education and advocacy by providing
collaborative and interdisciplinary resources for understanding world
culture and our national culture.


Hope you enjoy reading the following . . .


International School Library Day
This day, which commemorates the "importance of school libraries in
teaching and learning," has been celebrated on the third Monday in
October since 1999. The site features suggested activities, a
description of what libraries around the world are doing, and online
resources to help plan an International School Library Day. Includes
material about this day back to 1999. From the International
Association of School Librarianship (IASL).

2) Elections ... the American Way Introduction to the electoral system in the United States. Topics include requirements to be a presidential candidate, who can vote and how this has changed over time, the political party system, how presidents are elected (including the primary system and electoral votes), and significant issues through time. Part of a website designed for teachers from the American Memory Project of the Library of Congress. URL:

Voter Education

3) School Associated Violent Deaths Fact sheet about school shootings and school-related violence.

4) Information Literacy WHAT ARE 21ST CENTURY INFORMATION LITERACY SKILLS? Skills needed to retrieve, analyze, and communicate information that is available online. According to the preliminary report, Educational Testing Service says roughly 3,000 college students and 800 high school students who took the test, only 13 percent were deemed information literate. on the organization's new test - ICT Literacy Assessment Core Level. In general, they said, students could identify relatively credible information from databases and knew that information from .com Web sites is likely to be less reliable than information from a .gov or .edu site. Students generally could not, however, discern bias in online content and were overly willing to trust suspect material.

The Real Education Gap
There's always a lot of talk about gaps in education, but one gap
isn't talked about enough: the gap in teacher quality between poor and
rich schools.
States have two weeks to comply with the latest requirement of the
federal No Child Left Behind Act and come up with a solution to what
U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings calls teaching's "dirty
little secret":

The disparity in teacher quality between poor, largely minority
schools and their more affluent, white counterparts.

What Really Matters and What Doesn't
because you can be a Ph.D. and have taught in for years but the school
system won't say you are qualified unless you pay thousands of dollars
and 2 years to pass their qualification standard.

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