ECP SCIENCE: Happy Halloween [NOVA] - [This Week At Hilton Pond] - [NASA]

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When does Daylight Savings Time begin and End?
Are Werewolves Real?
Will wolfbane really kill a werewolf?

[Hilton Pond] 10-15-06 (Fall Cornucopia)

"This Week at Hilton Pond" we were nearly overcome by all the
autumn activity, so our latest photo essay is simply called "October
Cornucopia" Since its lengthier subtitle is " Winter Finches,
Cryptic Moth, Ant Swarm, Sunflower Seeds, New Mammal," the current
installment should have something of interest for about everyone
(Bird enthusiasts--and banders--will especially appreciate a close
view of the business end of a female Northern Cardinal

To view our natural history account for 15-21 October 2006, please
visit http://www=2Ehiltonpond=2Eorg/ThisWeek061015=2Ehtml


"Monster of the Milky Way"

Watch the Program November 3, 2006.

Astronomers are closing in on the proof they've sought for years
that one of the most destructive objects in the universe -- a
supermassive black hole -- lurks at the center of our own galaxy.
Could it flare up and consume our entire galactic neighborhood? Join
NOVA on a mind-bending investigation into one of the most bizarre
corners of cosmological science: black hole research. From event
horizon to singularity, the elusive secrets of supermassive black
holes are revealed through stunning computer-generated imagery,
including an extraordinary simulation of what it might look like to
fall into the belly of such an all-devouring beast.

Inside an Enigma
     Explore the oddities of black holes in this interview with
     NASA's Steve Ritz.

Galactic Explorer
     Astronomer Andrea Ghez talks of her huge discovery and her life.

Tiny Black Holes
     Miniature black holes might be all around us, even passing
     through Earth.

Black Holes Explained
     Listen in as top physicists take on the challenge.

Birth of a Black Hole
     In this slide show, see how a dying star is reborn as a
     black hole.

Catalogue of the Cosmos
     Examine some of the universe's weirdest entities.


NASA  Science News for October 26, 2006

A Growing Intelligence around Earth

A satellite orbiting Earth is learning to think for itself.
This artificial intelligence offers a powerful new way to study
Earth, and it may prove useful on other planets, too.

NASA Science News for October 30, 2006

Researchers are putting the finishing touches on a new life
support system for the ISS that seems to come right out of the pages of science fiction.

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