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Crater Controversy * Now You're in Their World
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Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.  The FREE international Dinosaur
webzine read in more than 80 countries each week.

This Week's Headlines (For the FULL STORY visit the NEWS section of the
webzine at this address: http://www.dinosaurnews.org )

**  Feature Archive Site: Hatching the Past: Dinosaur Eggs
In the exhibit, 20 real dinosaur eggs and three nests with more than 40 eggs
are displayed. Fossils from France, Argentina, China, and Mongolia are
exhibited, most dating to the Cretaceous period (65 to 145 million years ago

**  Other Fossil News: Fossilized Florida
The legacy of Florida's prehistoric mammals and fish comes to life this week
with ``The Hall of Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and

**  Life Over Time
The "Life Over Time" exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago is being
renovated, and the revamped exhibit, which will include a mount of
"Rapetosaurus krausei" among other things, should open in May 2006

**  Feature Site: Cretaceous Dinosaurs from the Bliss Ranch
In the summer of 2003, Frank and Chris Bliss discovered a gravel bed from
the Hell Creek Formation which is uppermost Cretaceous (65 million years


**  'Wine and Dino' puts Malta on the map
The season-opening event at the Judith River Dinosaur Field Station in Malta
on Friday features the unveiling of three dinosaurs, including the very rare
Giffen, Montana's first stegosaurus

**  Partial remains of first Tyrannosaurus rex fetches $93,250 at auction
A collection of fossilized Tyrannosaurus rex bones believed to be part of
the first ever to be found of the animal fetched $93,250 at an auction
Sunday, far less than what organizers had hoped

**  Dinosaur among 'gems' at weekend exhibit
'The pair used Exacto knives to methodically scrape hardened sediment away
from the skeleton, and the tail of the juvenile brachylophosaurus, nicknamed
"Peanut," began to slowly emerge

**  Dinosaur bone comes home
Dinosaur remains thought to be lost to science forever are back in South
Australia, three decades after being discovered at Andamooka

**  Crater controversy
Dr Luann Becker, from the University of California, believes this 200
kilometre wide dent in the earth's crust just off the Australian coast,
could be the smoking gun for that Permian extinction

**  Clarksville Museum Hopes Dinosaurs Draw Visitors
The staff of a state museum along the Ohio River shoreline hopes that a
dinosaur display will boost attendance after several years of decline

**  Dinosphere: Now You're in Their World
The roars are getting louder as the Children's Museum of Indianapolis'
newest and permanent $25 million exhibit, Dinosphere: Now You're in Their
World, prepares to open June 11

**  Visit the DINOSAURNEWS News Archive - stories from the past fortnight
now filed online

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