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> Can someone fill me in on the different linux mags and opinions of them?
> I'm gonna get a couple subscriptions for work.
> Thanks
> -Phil
I get Linux Journal (http://www.linuxjournal.com) and Linux Magazine
(http://www.linuxmagazine.com)  - they're both kind of light reading that
keep you up on the Linux scene, with product reviews, little howtos, etc.
etc.  Sometimes they have gems in them - some little program that is on just
about every Linux default install, but that people rarely use (the latest
one I found useful was import).  I would not say that one is any better than
the other.  The amount of info-fluff in each depends on the month.

Sys Admin ( http://www.sysadminmag.com) is mostly howtos and 'this is how I
did X in Y environment', which I think is more interesting but on slow
months you might get an article on how to set up crontabs or something.
This one isn't Linux specific, so you might get an entire issue covering
Solaris, etc.  I enjoy it.



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