[jugglingdtu] Creation of the club

  • From: Juggling DTU <jugglingdtu@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 19:43:50 +0100

Hi jugglers! How are you doing?

On monday i talked to the guy of the PF in order to create a juggling
club inside the DTU. He was very kind and he explained me all we have
to do to create the club. It is not very complicated, hopefully.

First of all we have to fill the "statements declariations" of the
DTU. It is in Danish, but it is only 2 or 3 pages with blanks to fill.
Yesterday they was voting the new statments for this year, so i am
waiting the guy to send me the new ones. I think that Martin, Mikkel
or any danish interested in can help me with this.

Second, for fill the statements, we have to choose a name for the
club! So type down your ideas for a name and the best name will be
voted and choosen. Examples of names: "DTU jugglers", "DTjuggling",
"Fuckin' hippies freaks engineers of Denmark and friends" or whatever
you want. I want the name to be elected by EVERYBODY, so start
thinking about the name just now!! On monday or tuesday we will vote
(we have to be fast, sorry)

Third, for filling the statements, we have to elect a "Chairman", a
"Cashier", a "Keymaster" and a "Member controller". I explain the

Chairman: is the one who is responsible of the club, the one who signs
the important papers, the "President".

Cashier: It is self explanatory, is the one who controls the money :)

Keymaster: Is the one who has the key and the responsible of the
closet that will be given.

Member controller: Is the one who decides who is member and who is
not. Due the character of the club, this is useless, everybody is
welcome, the only work is to accept the new members in the usergroup

These 4 functions are pure nominally, i mean, there is nothing to do,
so don=B4t worry , it is only to put names in the statements. The same
person can has some functions, so i think that with three people is
enough: The chairman, the cashier and the Member&KeyMaster.

I will propose myself as the Chairman if anybody else doesn't want to
be it. If anybody wants to do the papers and all that staff, i will be
absolutely glad to let him to be the chairman :)

So i still need a cashier and a MemberKeyMaster. Anybody wants to
offer himherself? (I suggest that the cashier should be a danish in
order to manage the money the future years...)

I hate so long emails...sorry...but please....ANSWER! express your
opinion! i don't like to talk alone... it is not funny.

What about to change the day of the meetings? for me anyday is ok, but
maybe some people has problems on Wednesdays...

Waiting for your answers...have a nice weekend.

Hugs, kisses, jumps, diabolos and more...


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