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  • Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 07:34:27 -0400

IE9 run/open/save buttons are in the status bar.. Once you press download, wait 
a couple of seconds, then press F6 to move to it. You can also press alt D. 
Furthermore you can also press the aplication key on the link and select "save 
target ass..." Note that the exact wording may be different. Also note that on 
the Bard website and in some links, you cannot press the aplication key and 
select the save command from there. Bard prohibits downloading files like that. 

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Subject: what's different about downloading.

Hi list members ken here with a curiosity about IE 9 and downloading.  in the 
passed when you hit a link to download something you got a do you want to open 
or save this file and then you got the buttons for open or save or run or save. 
 In AOL this seems to work right, but for some reason it isn't happening on IE 
9.  I see the question in there but no open or save buttons, instead a dialog 
that says something about view and track your downloads.  I want to test System 
access to go.  I don't want to download it I want to run it off the browser.  I 
just made IE my default which I didn't want to do because I like firefox but 
the system access voice says you need sighted help with that browser.  I want 
to log on to the SA mobile network.  Have to work on this because I won't be 
able to upgrade my talking book player or download books until I figure out 
what is different.  Can you help?  
Yadiel J. Sotomayor

E-MAIL: yadosotomayor@xxxxxxxxxxx

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