Re: unexpected problem with Avast

  • From: "Hamid Hamraz" <hhamraz@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 14:21:27 +0330


The avast boot time scan is a very nice feature, and since there is no process 
running at that time, there is no chance for the viruses to escape. It is 
though trivial why you can not use Jaws during the boot time. By default when 
avast encounters a virus, it asks for the action to perform, and it displays 
the corresponding key strokes. As I remember you can press '1' to delete, '2' 
to delete all, and the a few other remaining ones I do not remember as I have 
always pressed 2 for the delete  all. If you would like to use the other 
possible actions, then it is better that you ask for sighted assistance at 
least once.
Furthermore, you can set the default action, while you are scheduling the boot 
time scan. You just have to check the 'advanced options' check box in the 
'schedule boot time scan' window, and these things will be enabled to be 


PS: These instructions are for avast 4.7 pro.
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  Ok everyone.  I powered off and rebooted.  Avast didn't complain but it 
hadn't run the boot-time scan.  I'll try again tonight and hope it works.  
Avast is the only anti virus program I know now that has a direct disk access 
scan and can check for rootkits before the operating system starts.  I wonder 
what it displays if it finds a problem.  Does it automatically fix the issue 
and boot normally or does it require intervention?  If so, what keystrokes are 

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    From: Yadiel Sotomayor 
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    Subject: Re: unexpected problem with Avast

    When avast finishes, it will start. But it takes a long, long,long, long, 
long time.

    From: Robert Logue 
    Sent: Saturday, November 27, 2010 10:55 AM
    To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
    Subject: unexpected problem with Avast

    I'm trying Avast internet security full suite.  I scheduled a boot scan, 
not thinking that it would slow up my system boot time.  I also forgot to turn 
system sounds back on.  So, the problem is, I have no idea what Avast is doing 
right now.  And, I can't see if Windows is booted by pressing a key to make 
some kind of sound.

    I'm tempted to press the power button to reset but don't want to mess up 
the drive by interrupting file operations.

    It sure is taking a long time, over an hour.  Thing is, I got impatient and 
tried to start Narrator with windows key u.  Then I pressed enter a couple 
times, hoping to be in a dialog where I could just accept any defaults and it 
would continue to boot.

    Does anyone know how to navigate this Avast preboot scan UI?


    BTW:  I'm not sure I like the main interface.  Tabbing from one screen to 
another only goes in one direction.  I see no way to directly go to a desired 
tab.  Some of the screens don't read well. Many graphics need labelling and 
Jaws won't auto label them.

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