revisitting working with schemes

  • From: "kimsan" <kimsansong@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 11:04:51 -0700

Hi folks!

A few weeks ago I read a message which states: on behalf of Marquette, Ed,
That is strange.  I've never had a problem with schemes.  Once, however, I
thought they were not working because, for example, the computer didn't
say"bold" or "italics" or "underlined."  Rather, the voice simply changed
pitch -- or so it seemed.  The proofreading scheme, at least should say
"cap" on a word that starts with a capital letter.  That is one sure way to
know whether the scheme is working.

To know which voice signifies what attribute, there is a "help" toggle

When you go into the schemes dialog, Jaws plus alt plus S, hit home.  That
will take you to the top of the list of schemes.  There you will find a help
mode toggle which will, in effect, say the attribute before the voice
changes.  It is called training mode so that once you get used to what voice
signifies what attribute, you can turn off the help mode.  Then, the voice
change will be a sufficient clue by itself, without the extra chatter.

So, you might try that, i.e., turning on the help mode, as a kind of
trouble-shooting effort.

If you are still hearing no annunciations of font or attribute changes, you
probably need to have a chat with someone at Freedom Scientific.

I was at the computer where I had the problem and the proof reading scheme
did not do anything, not pronouncing cap or anything like that.

This help toggle that was mentioned that isn't offered in jfw 11 is it? If
it is, I did not see it when going into the schemes dialog and pressing home
but I do notice it in jfw 12.  So in a nut shell when swiching to any of the
schemes none of them work using jfw 11.


I think I will have to contact fs.

Any thoughts pertaining to this matter I sure welcome.

Take care. 



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